Kitchin rocks

Why the kitchin as our last place? Several reasons.
Firstly it was my birthday we wanted something special. Secondly we’d said years ago, when watching masterchef that we wanted to go there. We were intrigued by the masterchef signature dish bone marrow. Thirdly, when SO is cleanshaven and his hair has just been cut he looks like Tom Kichin’s older brother. Reason enough I’d say. The Kitchin well what a feast of food it was.

Our landlady was kind enough to drive us to the restaurant and she wanted a picture of us in front of it. I think she collects guests :-). Anyway we were seated at the bar and had a nice cocktail. Mine Basil Blush non-alcoholic of course was very fresh and not overtly sweet but a little tart. SO had Vespers a combination of American vermouth and Russian Wodka, Given our discussion over breakfast regarding Gagarin and Armstrong this seemed suitable.

The tables at the restaurant are located so that a maximum of people are seated toward the kitchen. See there is a window to the kitchen and though it is not open it means you can see the people working and see what they do. The staff being pretty focused and don’t interact with the guests much Except chef when he sees a picture being taken. It is a great sight and it also shows a chef with confidence in his staff/and abilities

We had a great meal. As starter I had Bone Marrow & Ox – Roasted bone marrow served with crispy ox tongue, Perthshire girolles and a shallot and parsley salade, -which was salty and strong, yet at the same time so refined and dancing with flavours that I really had to get all the moisture of the plate using bread. I was so impressed. SO went for the Pig’s Head & Langoustine – Boned and rolled pig’s head, served with roasted tail of langoustine from Tobermory and a crispy ear salad – Which congers up images of a huge head being served staring at you but it is not at all. It is refined and elegantly served. SO said it was strong with flavours but not at all too powerful. He was impressed with the wine choice of the sommelier with the dish.

Main for SO was the Grouse – First of the season grouse from the Borders served with game chips, Perthshire girolles and a bread sauce – which was a seasonal and apparently is one that chef really likes himself. SO agreed with the chef. He said it was strong yet delicate, the flavour of the bird was very much game but also compelented by the sauce. And the robust wine was something he really enjoyed.  I had Rabbit – Saddle of rabbit from Burnside Farm stuffed with spinach served with sauteed artichoke, cripy leg and a ragout of rabbit kidneys – which was presented in a very lovely way as if it was a little garden With it a sauce containing kidneys. Now I am not a big fan of kidneys but I have always thought a good chef can make them wonderful and I was right. The kidneys complimented the dish and I actually really liked them. After those dishes we had a burb moment. It was lovely but also a lot

Dessert well I had the Lemon – Glazed lemon tart served with a lemon macaroon and creme fraiche sorbetwith creme fraiche sorbet and lemon maron – and it danced on my tongue It was magnificent, I even went as far as having another Basil Blush to go with it. It is was ever so nice and I had a big big smile on my face. SO went for the Coffee & Stout – Coffee souffle served with Midnigh Sun stout ice cream from Alloa – when it came nearly did SO under as the souffle was highly risen and looked grand. Thankfully for SO the souffle had a lot of air in it and SO actually loved it a lot as he did the icecream.

SO finished off with a coffee, while I finished the basil blush and we took a taxi home. BTW the taxi companies in the netherlands should have a look at their British counterparts. Only £3 to start with (NL it is €7,50) and we paid for the trip just £7 whereas to the station in Delft I often get to the €8 and that is closer.
All in all a lovely birthday and a nice end ot our holiday. For now it is packing our tuff. Our flight leaves at 13.30 so it is an easy peasy trip


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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  2. My brother in law used to work at The Kitchin!

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