Gone fishing

SO’s best friend and his GF have hobbies. One of the hobbies we share and that is skietsen. Their other big one is music. One of the things they do is play in the orchestra behind amateur musicals. This weekend there was another performance called “children of the revolution”, which in effect is “les Miserables” one of SO’s favourite musicals.  So last evening we attended this musical and given that they are amateurs it was actually really good, more so given the length of the musical and required range of some of the singers. Sure the power behind the voices was not always there, they dived into off key a few times, but seriously it was well done, well acted, well played. The theatere though was less of a success, seats were hard and not allocated seating for a full house. We did have good seats for viewing, but not for our behinds. It finished late and all in all we were in bed by 1.30.

As we knew we were going to have a late evening, we decided that we were going to have an easy going day. So I finished my fishy project. My fishy project is a simple one and the first time I have made a stuffed toy. When I organised my SILs hen party I became quite close to her other SIL and she is ready to drop her baby. As I am not going to be aunt and did not have time I did not embroider a name tile, but I did want to give her something I made myself hence I sewed a fish. I used scraps of fabric and though it is far from perfect I like it a lit. In fact I am going to make another few as several people around us are having children on the way. Good use of my skills, getting rid of excess fabric in a useful way and a personal hand made gift. I am liking the idea.

Just for the record I am using my modern day machines for this, not my latest little baby. My new baby is a handcrank machine, in good condition. I got it from the local sewing shop that is closing. I am only mildly annoyed by this as I only went there for my haberdashery as I did not like the customer service. However when I saw my baby in the window with a sign everything must go I walked in and asked for the price. After some thought the owner said €15 and I answered sold. It has a case, with a key and as you can see pretty as a picture. It lives in our kitchen window now. It is something I have wanted for a long time and now I have one. I am happy.

So a happy weekend so far and it is not over yet. Tonight we are attending SIL’s 40th b’day party and will spend the day before doing nothing much, just going out for a run and a little bit of sewing I think.

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