Parents about the house

My parents are in town. It is lovely that they are here. They are staying at the campsite not with us.

There are many reasons why my parents prefer this and one of them is their dog. She can sleep with them in the caravan and she can’t go up to the spare bedroom due to the open staircase, which my mother also dislikes as it turns the wrong way. Well that is the opposite way from hers, hence the wrong way. They are staying for a week to visit our area in more detail. It is too far to drive up and down and see a lot so they thought make a mini break and see the kiddo (me) too. Plus that way they figure they do come to visit for our birthdays, despite us not celebrating it.

Of course dad wants to take care of some chores too. He is a DIY guru and an electrician by trade, which is very handy. Now SO and I still have a fair number of building lights in our house. I mean we’ve lived her for only 3 years you know. Anyway we had been saying that we needed to get some cheapo lights to at least upgrade those to an acceptable-we-do-live-here standard.

SO took off with dad to buy them and mum and I headed for the city. My parents do not visit very often and if they do it is often for festivities like christmas, when shops are closed. Or they come for one day for dad to sort out some of our chores and return home in the evening. Now before anything, it is what my dad wants to do. I am happy to get another professional in but it really is dad’s way of showing how much he cares and also to feel valuable. So it is a win win situation.

Mum needed to buy some underwear as she had forgotten to bring hers and we promised the men we’d get them lunch. As we walked through the inner city mum really was charmed by the place and the shops. I admit it is a nice place and with the (flea)market out it is a busy humming place and at this time of the year not insanely busy, just busy. We stopped at my favourite cheese shop and mum just fell over. She has a good shop not far from her home but it nowhere near has the choice in cheese I have in this specialty shop. As she is as much a cheese lover as I am she was in all corners eventually choosing a nice piece of Manchego as her special. I also took my favourite St Agur, SO’s Taleggio and for dad Rilette. She was chuffed. She said at least three times that she would have to bring dad as they had such a great selection of meats as well (they really do).

We then stopped off at Art and had a nosy around. She mentioned she needed a new winter coat and we found two nice ones. One she really really wanted. Of course the more expensive of the two so she decided to sleep on it. I think she should get it as it looks great on her, but it is her money. I also tried on a winter coat. Very nice, midnight blue-purplish. Well cut and really quite becoming, but well not quite what I can afford at present. But who knows it may last until the sales and then it is mine to take home.

It was lovely to see mum enjoying herself. We got the underwear and then the bakery. Now this is our local bakery, the one I go to every week, but hardly ever on a Saturday as it is hugely busy there, but you know, we needed lunch and we needed something to celebrate the birthday with. And really they do stock nice breads, pastry and cakes. It was so funny, once we got home she kept telling dad how much fun she’d had in the bakery and the cheese shop. I admit they are nice and I guess you sort of get so used to them as they are your local stores that you forget that they are really special.

Next dad put up the new lights with the help of SO. The new lights turned out to be a notch up from good enough. The one in the hallway is in fact awesome and the others are quite good. I doubt we will be replacing them any time soon. We finished off with dinner at the steak cafe round the corner that dad loves so much. We’ll be spending some time with them tomorrow and during the week they will do their own thing.

This way it is nice to have them around. They are generally fun to be around and it is also so nice to see that specifically mum has learned that I am an adult and that I can really take care of me and have a lovely home with my beloved.


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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