Starry starry night

Well the title is not quite what we saw. On Monday I had made muffins. This was for SO’s previous co-workers.  They had organised a tour in Leiden Observatory. As they know that SO has some interest in astronomy they’d invited him, and called again to ask if I would come too. We love the stars so that treat deserved a treat, hence the muffins.

Leiden is well known for it’s astronomy department. The great professor Oort lived and taught here. He is the one the Oort cloud was named after. The other well known Leiden astronomer Gerard Kuiper got the belt (Kuiper belt). Anyway they have a working observatory, though the department no longer is situated there (the law faculty lives there).  And we saw the old telescopes that are mostly used by students and amateurs these days. Unfortunately the weather was overcast so there was no star available to us (there are very few you can see here due to light pollution anyway). So we made due with checking the time on the church clock. But it was fun, opening those domes and turning the domes around. Never thought it but we ended up coming out of the dome feeling slightly as if we had been walking on a ship. We sort of waddled out.

Downstairs we walked through the 50 years of ESO exhibition that is on. They had large plates with all those wonderful space and galaxy pictures we all know. We were home late but we loved the tour despite not actually seeing the stars. But the information and company was good and really that makes it worthwhile.

Seeing all this made us remember that we really have to go back to NZ for a stargazing appointment we have there with outselves.

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