Nearly lost SO underground

We are having a focus on musea this weekend. Today we decided it was going to be the Tate Modern. A museum I had never been to and was curious about. It was also a place SO was very interested in.  At breakfast SO mentioned that his back was hurting again. Not a good start of the day. SO and I decided that a walk may be a good thing for his back. So we got out of the underground at Blackfriars and walked over the bridge to the Tate. We did floor 2 and 3 and then had a break.

There is a lot to see there but the first two floors were not quite to my taste. Then we got to the floor 4 and that was more like it! Lots of art that I could appreciate and some really nice stuff that I would not have minded at all to have at home. SO was a little surprised over which piece really took my fancy, but also liked my enthousiasm for it. We spend a few hours there and then had lunch at the Founders arms next door on the river.

The lunch was yum. SO commented that he really liked the Coleman’s mustard and staff thought it so funny that they gave him a jar of the stuff. After lunch we took the millenium bridge and walked from there to the Barbican centre. Why the Barbican, well we’d seen that they have cinema and SO said he would not mind seeing Skyfall the new Bond. Given that SO does not like going to the cinema much I jumped at the opportunity and said yes let’s do that!

When we arrived there it turned out that it was just one movie and not the one we wanted. Instead they had Jazz. Nice enough band, but still Jazz. On my phone I looked up other cinemas and found the one in the Westfield shoppping centre near Sheperd’s Bush, a few stops from our hotel. So off we went.

As we wanted to get to the 18.00 showing we had to get going and it was  peak rushhour so lots and lots of people. We got from Moorgate to Bank and all the way SO was next to me. We got to the platform and SO dashed into the train standing there. And then the door shut. SO in the train, me outside! and the train took my SO away from me. SO managed to signal something which I thought meant ‘I am going to get out at the next station and wait’.  I got on the next train (1min later). At the next sation I hung out of the carriage and shouted to SO who was walking up and down the train looking for me. He got in and we were reunited. Thank heavens. Not a good idea to get lost in the London Underground.

We got to Sheperd’s Bush with 15 minutes to spare and a huge (I mean huge) shopping mall to navigate to find the cinema. I told SO we should walk in and get to a higher level Cinema’s tend to be in the upper parts. SO saw a guard and asked. He told us where to go and we got there in time. So we sat tere in a very comfy cinema and saw Skyfall. We liked the movie which is mainly set in London. Nearly made us scared to back into the underground. But part is also in Scotland and we loved seeing that beautiful scenery again.

From there it was a case of having a light meal of Sushi and going back to the hotel and into bed. Best thing of the day? SO’s back is getting better again. After our walk to the Barbican most of the pain was out!


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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