Sore feet

I was dubbed the Saturday guide by SO and my friend Miekje. Leave me to organise and a lot gets done ;-). SO and I started off with a gentle walk. As the undreground is having some maintenace done this weekend so a lot of the lines we took the last over few days were not running, so we had some alternatives up our sleeve. We got off at Lancaster Gate and walked to the V&A through Kensington Garden. Initially it was a little wet. a drizzle, but it dried up soon and we had a nice gentle walk through an autumn park.

Hyde Park and Kensington Garden make you forget for a few minutes that you are walking through such a huge city. People jogging, walking, talking and enjoying the nice colours make such a change from the rat race in the street. Soon we entered that rat race again as we walked down exhibition road. We got ot the V&A a little earlier than anticipated and as SOs back was till giving him a hard time we decided to go to the cafe. There we waited for Miekje who soon joined us to devour a giant Merengue we had found in the cafe.

After a bit of a chat we decided to go to the science museum for a bit and then do the V&A after that. Our tickets for the ballgown show were for 13.30 and it was only 11ish by then. In he Science museum we let out our inner geeks.  Specificially the exhibition on Alan Thuring, in many ways the father of the modern computer, was of interest. We also went to the shop where we bought the London underground mug as our souvenir.

We had a quick lunch at the V&A and went to see the magnificent ballgown exhibition. It was cool, but the hollywood costume exhibition was better. So I bought that book, not the balgown one. Miekje and I spend a fair bit of time in the jewellery section as that is one of her passions. Mind you the magpie in me was also quite content with what it saw. Got a little greedy on occascion there. We then had a coffee and headed for Harrods.

In, or rather at, Harrods our main purpose for visiting were the Christmas windows that they have on display. This year the theme was fairytales and there were a few that were simply magnificent. Others not so fantastic. But the display is something  very special every year. We then went inside and went to the christmas decorations section. Of course we had to ask for directions a few times and every time the answer was straight ahead turn left at the end. Seriously it became a running gag. After alll the gitter and sickly sweet christmas decorations we did the food halls and fought our way back out of here.

We finished with  good dinner in a Lebanese restaurant not far from Harrods, before we took off into the underground. Man that was peak traffic! In Green Park we said our goodbyes to Miekje and went on to our hotel. Again tired and with very sore feet but happy. Unfortunately SO seems to have misplaced his scarf, so we may need to hunt for it tomorrow.

It was good to see my friend again. Life is not always been easy nor fair, but she is still standing tall and she has managed to pull through all the hard times. She’s come from far and I hope her next little adventure will be a sucess. I am rooting for her.


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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