Top problem

Today was the tree decoration day. Always a little tense as we want to do it well and it takes time taking stuff out of storage. Selecting what to use this time (we have 3 full christmas tree decorations to choose from) etc.

So in the morning I went to our storage area and got everything and hauled it into the lounge where our beautiful tree was waiting to be made pretty. First mission; the lights. Just about every year we end up havign a discussion should we use one lead or two. This year we too ended up with two in the tree. SO and I have got this pretty nailed. He does one side of the tree and I do the other. It means we are both working on the same tree but not in eachothers way. SO really dislikes putting in the lights. He’s fine with the rest, just the lights are just so onerous and a lot of niggly work where you hardly see your progress. It is not my favourite job either, but doable.

Next were the garlands. We have the bead garlands and the fluffy ones and then some mostly resembling festive barbwire. All pink to purplish. Then we put on the top decoration. At least that was the intention. We could not find it! We went back to the storage area, we found lots of other stuff, but not our silver top ornament (piek). Worse no hooks to put the other decorations into the tree either. :-). I decided to go for an emergency dash, I told SO to stay put and dashed out of the door, pretty impulsive :-). I mean no tree can be called decorated unless it has the piek, we do take these things very seriously. and the hooks are a simple necessity of life really!

I did find a piek. Not what we like, we wanted pink or purple, but had to settle for silver. On my way to the shop it started raining, the cold kind. I was not wearing my raingear so I got pretty soaked and miserable.ย  I just walked in looking like a cold, wet frozen popsicle SO felt so sorry for me gave me a big thank you hug for getting through the weather and a much needed towel. The tea was nice too. The we really started decorating and the tree came together wonderfully. Over the top full and over the top, over the top, but wonderful and it brings a smile to our faces.

Apart from the silver topย  the tree is pink-purple and I mean everything in it is. We also have a lot of (pink) birds in there, SO and I decided in our first year together that one day we would have a tree filled only with birds. So every year we buy more birds for the tree. We are getting closer, but for now it is still a hot pink candy floss sparkle tree. I have some pictures, not very good ones, but you get the impression anyway

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6 Responses to Top problem

  1. Are those flamingos by any chance? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Robin says:

    Beautiful tree. ๐Ÿ™‚

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