Day with mum

On Thursday evening SO came home from his business trip looking like death warmed up. A seriously bad cold again coming from a visit of Paris. Poor guy he was really looking sad. No need to convince him that calling in sick on Friday was a great idea. He’d called ahead about his nose and head issues and I had made sure he had cough medication, nose de-blocker and paracetamol. He’d bought paper handkerchiefs already in Paris.

I would have loved to looked after him but really when you are feeling like that all you want is sleep and lots of meds. So the next day I tucked my love in and went on my way. See I had a day planned with my mother. In fact we’d planned the weekend there with SO arriving there in the evening, but my parents understood that SO was not too keen on that idea and also that I wanted to go home again in the evening. But I also knew my mother was looking forward to the mother daughter day treat so I went.

Mum and I don’t get to go out often as a mother daughter partnership. In part because we life an hour and a half away so often our weekends there tend to be very much focussed on my whole family. Don’t get me wrong. Mum loves the one big happy family get-togethers with us, my brother and GF and the nephews and cooking enough for an orphanage the size of a small city. But there is something about mother and daughter that also needs special attention.

So I asked her whether she would be interested in de craft show (handwerkbeurs) I had been there before with my co-worker that is into needle craft too when it was closer to home. This time it was close to my parents place so I thought it would be good to go with mum After all she is the one that taught me to knit when I was very very little (from memory I was 5-ish) My grandmother was the cross stitcher 🙂 So it runs in the family. I had to get an early train (7.50) to get to the station by 9.45  where mum picked me up. In the train I met some other ladies that were also going; how fun!

We arrived before opening time at 10. So many cars. We had to park relatively far from the entrance. Mum was amazed at the number of people there already. Once in the building I sprinted to the toilet area. The one in the train had been too dirty to even consider (who the h*ll pees in the hand basin – so gross!)  When we went inside she was totally taken aback by the sight and size of it. So many stals, so many ideas and so many people,  but we loved it. We saw loads of things we liked Even picked out something my grandmother would have loved to make. My grandmother died 7 years ago, pretty much blind. She had not touched a needle for 10 years before she died, just showing how much we remember her in the context of embroidery. But in the end we did not buy anything. I because I am still in the midst of a cross-stitch project and have two and a half sweaters in rolls of yarn still waiting. Mum and I had a great time to see what is there and do up ideas. I even saw another co-worker there with her mother. I knew she’d be there but considering the number of people it would not have been surprising if we’d missed each other. One of the things I really enjoyed was hearing the northern and eastern dialect around me. It is rough and so different from the local dialect where I now live. It immediately feels as if a comfort blanket is put around me and I am transported back to the days of my youth. So nice!

By 14:00 we’d had had enough and we went to my parent’s place, where we just talked and with my brother not there it was easy going. My brother is the life of any party, so when he is “in-da-house” he is really there. My nephews where there, but of course without their favourite uncle there I was of no interest to them (seriously, they think SO is sooooooo cool and I’d have to agree). Around 17:00 was off home again with food (of course) and some reading material.

SO did not want much to eat so I made him some toasted sandwiches and he was OK with that. We’ll eat my dad’s stew tomorrow.  Mum was hilarious though. I called to say that I had arrived safely and she told me to go to bed early as it had been a really early start for me. I gently told her that in fact it had been a very normal starting time for me. She would not budge; I had to go to bed early. Yes mum  🙂

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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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4 Responses to Day with mum

  1. draliman says:

    Sounds like a great day out! I had a father-son day with my Dad a while back (we visited the village where he grew up) and had a great time, so I’m glad you got some quality time, just you and your Mum.

    • Gilraen says:

      Being an adult and spending time with your parents really makes you see them in a different way from when you are child I think.

      • draliman says:

        Definitely, though it took a while for me to switch out of “child mode”. When I came back to the UK from living in Ireland for four years, me, Mum and Dad went out for drives a few times. I just tagged along behind them like I did when I was little. It took a while before I realised “hang on, I’m all grown up now, I’m going to treat them to dinner”!

      • Gilraen says:

        I do get that one yes. These days I like it when I can actually afford to buy my mum lunch and she likes it too.

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