Pride bursting out

So proud of SO. Despite our fears on his training he actually ran the half marathon well. Very well indeed. In fact he ran a personal best and he would have been a little faster if not for him making sure his brother also finished.

On Sunday afternoon we picked up BIL and his friend R. The three men and little me drove to the parking garage and then walked to the starting line. On our way there the men were cheerful, but all had had issues during training relating to the flu. Consensus was, to finish was to win. Half way through our walk there SO all of a sudden realised that his phone was still in the car. So I said my goodbyes and took off to get the phone and the men went to the starting line.

As said I went off shopping. One of the most important parts was Lush. I bought some really nice stuff for SO in the bath. Also got some shoes and fabric (on sale) and then had a nice coffee by myself before finding SIL and RsGF plus associated children (3 girls, eldest is 7). I was just in time to see my SO finish. He bounced over the finish line in a way that was hard to believe that he’d run 21km, but he had the medal to prove it! He did so well. Oh and he really did appreciate my Lush gesture, Spent a fair amount of time floating in the bath relaxing those tired muscles.

Still bursting with pride about SOs achievement. But today SO was proud of me, whereas I thought it was just common decency and caring about people. I walked into the train station on my way back from another town where I’d had a meeting. A lady walking toward me tripped and fell hard. I immediately walked over and asked her whether she was OK. The groaning coming from her made clear that she was not. She rolled over to her back and I put her head on her bag (she may have thought I wanted it 😉 ) and stayed with her, telling her to breathe calmly and just sitting near her head talking to her. I called over somebody from the train service and told him to get a first aid helper, Soon the train police arrived and together with another lady sitting next to the injured lady they cordoned off the site for other people. An ambulance was called and a wheelchair was found. We helped the lady into the wheelchair. It seems she may have broken her arm. As she was wheeled to the ambulance we said our goodbye and told her good luck we all went our seperate ways again. All in all this took about 10 minutes of my time and it makes me feel I made a difference yet I also feel it is just something any human should do in a case like that. I mean I could not continue to walk as she fell now could I?

Anyway SO said he was proud of me because of it which really makes me feel good. Yet to me what I did was just the decent thing to do, whereas what he did is a major fantastic achievement. So proud of that man!

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3 Responses to Pride bursting out

  1. draliman says:

    Well done – I bet a lot of people would’ve just walked on by that poor lady. And congratulations to SO – I feel tired just thinking about 21km!

    • Gilraen says:

      I am afraid you are right that many people would have pressed on to catch their train, but you know there is nothing to common about common decency unfortuntaly

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