Easter was spent baking

Baking and sewing I should say really. Here and there we threw in family fun for good measure. I baked a normal bread, which was pretty decent, a sour dough which was awesome, hot cross buns for SO’s family, Chelsea buns and focaccia for mine. I love my Kitchen Aid!  And it is not like SO did not get to play in the kitchen. He made Scotch eggs for easter.

Our cooking skills were much appreciated by both families. (Brunch at the in-laws Easter Sunday and lunch with my parents Easter monday). My parents just assumed the Chelsea buns were bought. They were not fooled by the focaccia as they saw it coming out of the oven.

What else was there? On pintrest I found this tutorial and made the towelettes without the snaps. I used old towels and scrap fabric on the other. Scrap fabric was not quite what it was. The were the legs off a new pattern pants that was not quite my pattern (in fact looked rather horrible on me) In order to get over the disappointment I cut of the legs and made them into the kitchen towels. We use them when cooking and replace them daily. You know when you have some floor on your hands or some fat that you need to get rid off. This way we can keep the good dishcloth for the dishes and the good towel for when we washed our hands.

I also put together a top, which was in fact a UFO (Unfinished Fabric Object) that I’d cut out before we moved house 4 years ago. I’d never finished it because every time I looked at it I was certain there was something about it I did not like. Not sure what. I loved the fabric and the pattern seemed easy and nice enough. So this weekend I decided enough is enough and I put it together. Result: it is going to be donated to a charity shop. As SO said it is really well made. He was right about that as far as I am concerned that was the only positive comment I could think of too. The top is lovely, yet on me it is pretty much totally awful. The colour is so utterly wrong it is unreal, the pattern does not enhance features and in combination it makes me look dowdy and I gain 20 years on the spot. Not my idea of a success project. So it seems sewing was not giving me much pleasure, but though disappointed with the two clothing project it did feel good to finish two things that I had been pondering over.

In between this all SO managed to run a total of 25 km (10 fast ones on Saturday, 15 slower ones on Sunday). I managed to get flour from the mill, reconfigure some of our cupboards, and do the laundry, and we went out for dinner on Sunday. It was a full on weekend, but I feel so exhilarated with having achieved so much and not feel stressed at all. In fact as I commented to SO the baking and sewing, what a huge stress relief it had been.

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5 Responses to Easter was spent baking

  1. Wow that sounds like the perfect weekend. At the moment my energy levels are low so I haven’t been as active as you guys but your positivity and energy oozes out from your post so I’m glad you passed it on. Thank you!

    • Gilraen says:

      Take as much of the energy and positiveness as you need/want 🙂 I was just thinking that the sun shining is really giving me an energy boost 🙂

  2. draliman says:

    Sounds like quite a packed Easter! Sounds like it was a lot of fun – I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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