Mr. Gaultier

About two years ago I read an interesting post on the sewing divas blog about a Gaultier exhibition. Now when it comes to sewing the writer can be trusted. She is the one that made my wedding dress. Jean Paul Gaultier of course can be trusted to bring something exceptional to the table

In the post she mentioned that the exhibition would come to Europe in 2013. I added the dates to my google calendar immediately there and then. Come 2013 and yes the exhibition arrives in Rotterdam. SO asked whether I wanted to go with (sewing) friends or? While that was a good idea, going with SO was an even better one. I was most happy that he wanted to come.

After our splendid meeting with Mr. Izzard we were not feeling too crash hot on Saturday morning. However just as gentle excercise is best of sore muscles, getting out and doing something you love is the best thing for when you are dead tired. De kunsthal (halls of art) is an art centre on the other side of the park where Boijmans van Beuningen is. As de centre is not a museum we had to buy tickets as the annual museum card is not valid. I bought them on line in advance. I was so excited for this one.

We arrived around 11 and happily joined the long line of people walking into the exhibition Entry to the centre had been easy, not the special. What can I say? It was pure magic and reminiscent of the Hollywood costumes in the V&A. I so love my smartphone and happily clicked away. SO too liked it a lot and later remarked that because of my running commentary he’d noticed things he normally would not have done. He too was most impressed and thought it better than the ball gowns he’d seen in the V&A,. I had to concur that he was right ont hat one as he did not see the wonderful hollywood costumes.

Anyway what was there? Lots and lots and lots. A total of over 200 of his designs right there for close up. Pretty, extravagant and sometimes ghastly as haute couture can be. BUT all of them were sewn in a fantastic way. The pure skill that was showing in all garments show me that I have a long way to go. It also fuelled my appetite for more knowledge and trying new things. Ideas galore, but not a lot of time for now.

After this wonderful entertainment we went to Hotel New York. The place where we’d had our wedding reception and wedding night back in 2009 and had lunch there. The afternoon was spent at home relaxing and it was wonderful again. It has been such a wonderful amazing tiring week and a lovely weekend to follow. And finally spring is coming out and the garden is starting to grow. It just makes me so utterly happy.

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5 Responses to Mr. Gaultier

  1. draliman says:

    Sounds like you had a great time, and it must have been lovely to go back the hotel where you had your wedding reception. Izzard then Gaultier – what’s next!

  2. what fantastic images – especially the striped sweater! Wow – so glad you posted this blog – made my day.

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