Finally finally we were able to let the tiredness built up over the last few weeks come out at the weekend

. Over the last few weeks one of us has always been away during the week Usually 3-4 days. SO more than I but still. Yet weekends have been full and fun. The stress and tiredness to catch up with you by the time you see the end of that stressful time coming near and this weekend we are finally there. But not before one last big stressful push.This working week was the last one in a set that was major. SO was away on business for 4 days in two different countries this week. I, for the first time within this company, taught a course. Not in our company to known co-workers, but no to complete strangers that pay for the course! Because of the set-up of the week I had to get up at 5.30 three days in the week. Only 45 minutes earlier than usual, but still it adds up if you are stressed.

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Being a trainer is a major for me. I am not a big fan of speaking in public, most certainly not if it is about me. If it is about me is quite frankly terrifies me to death. The course is about a subject I know a lot about and am experienced in. It is not possible to teach it without using my own experiences. So it terrified me. But why then do it? Well it is a challenge and I like challenges (in bits). It is something that fascinates me – training people. It is something I feel passionate about. So I pushed away my fear and started discussing the possibility with people.

When I floated the idea at work everybody and I mean everybody was supportive. The training program leader nearly exploded with enthusiasm and my manager thought it would be a good goal for this year too. SO also thought it was a great idea and I…………well tended to agree with them.

So there I was 12 years after I had done my last training session (and that one had been to co-workers) and on Monday nearly paralysed with fear. My co-workers were very supportive and let me be a bit of a Tigger during the day. The training itself well it took me a little time to ease into it. It was not at my usual place of work so there was little support around me. But I managed both days and both days I felt myself relaxing during the day into the subject.

But being an introvert this is extremely tiring for me. Fun but tiring. But I am proud to say that in the evenings I did go to yoga and sewing classes so more people. On Thursday I felt drained, tired and empty. The funny part was though that my co-workers pulled up their chairs and wanted to know all about it. Apparently they thought is so cool that one of our department is now a company trainer too. Funny how that works.

In the evening SO arrived home and we collapsed together. We dragged ourselves through Friday and this weekend we are doing nothing much just a focus on us. Sleeping in, cooking interesting stuff and just a run on Sunday.

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2 Responses to Training

  1. draliman says:

    Wow! I hate going to training as an attendee when I don’t know the people. I can’t imagine actually being the trainer. Well done for putting yourself forward and going through with it!

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