Compulsory during any holiday

There are not many things during a holiday which are musts. Surely the idea is that you relax and take things the way they come. But a geocache is one of those things we always do.

The Sunday started out pretty normal, calm relaxed and we talked about what we wanted. SO suggested a bike ride. I suggested a geocache. We’d been on the lookout for one and there are not many around in France as a whole. To be honest most of them seem to be point and find, but within 20 km we did find a multicache. Though we prefer the ones where you actually have to puzzle, one where you have to find each point is also pretty cool. It was completely in French which did make us think, still we decided to give it a go. After all worst that cane happen is not to find and have a nice walk.

SO and I were in a slightly weird and unsettled mood. It was one of those days where I say; “I have to go walkies” I really needed to get rid of some internalized stuff. We did get started on this cache in a weird way. SO had saved the first point in his phone (geocache app) We then drove to that point using the compass and the coordinates, but not a satnav. So we ended up driving through very small lanes, that got smaller and smaller and even to gravel and then a donkey path. We did not dare to enter that path by car, it was that small. After a few turn arounds and more interesting turns, we did find the starting point and parked near a church about 300m from the first cachepoint. I do admit to being slightly motion sick after that windy road thing. We started walking after having a look in the village around the church which was pretty as a picture and on top of a hill. The coordinates for the first cache point were absolutely perfect. We looked around and around and after not too much time we found it. It was relatively simple.

Onto point two. A gentle walk in the countryside through the edges of a forest. We encountered many people, who were picking ripe blackberries along the way. I swear if I had realised where we’d be going and how much there was I would have taken a bag with me. Some bushes were so heavy with ripe fruit they carried a whole jar of jam on them! I did pick one or two just had them straight of the tree. Ah childhood memories of my nan just washed over me.

As we got closer to cachepoint two we were pulled into a lovely area near a chapel. As the coordinates of the first one had been so good we assumed it would be the case here too. There were a lot of hiding places there. A lot of stones, bushes etc. As it turns out the coordinates were again very precise. Just the hiding place was very well done. The cache was hard to notice in it surrounds. From there we walked to the end cache.

The endcache was easy peasy to find. Of course coordinates again spot on, but this time it was only one obvious hiding place. Still it was nice to find. We were proud as that we had found it, though all the information had been in French and we had managed to understand it all. But then? We were approximately 1.5 km from our starting point – as the crow flies. After a walk of about 2.5 km. But the cache did not specify how to get back. It sort of left us there to ponder. As SO and I do not like walking the same way back we discussed our options. On our map we could not really see what the best option was, but being in that slightly weird frame of mind we decided to take a route that was signposted.

Initially the distance to the car stayed pretty much the same, suggesting that we were walking around it as we had expected. Then the distance started to climb up. We were in the middle of a forest without any signposting and the lack of preparation for the both of us started showing. SO got a little worried and suggested to retrace our steps to e sure. The map on my Oregon showed that we were not that far off a road. SO was persuaded and we agreed to walk on for another 15 minutes and of we had then not reached the road we’d retrace the 5km we’d walked already.

About 10 minutes later we saw two people walking towards us that we had seen on the other side of our walk as well. This implied a circular path of you can meet the same people twice face on. This was encouraging. A few minutes later we found the main road to the village where our car was parked. The last bit was fairly steeply uphill and we were glad that we got to the church again. In the end our walk was about 8.5 km, where we had thought it would be about 4.5. A bit more but it was a good walk.

The only drawback was that it was much later than we had anticipated and as a result we were too late at the little supermarket that is open on Sundays. As we had had a big lunch and were tired eating out was not really an option (not that there is much open on Sunday evening). We went home and I just took just about everything out of the fridge and threw it together in some kind of omelet hash thing, which actually tasted very nice.


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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