I am catching up with stuff. It is just been so utterly busy lately that my blog has suffered the consequences.

Part of the busy is because of work. September and October are always full-on at the best of the years. This year has been excessive. In part because of the big reshuffle. Changes are happening faster than we can keep up with. However because of this it is even more important for us to take advantage of weekends and to relax in our own way.

One of the major ways for me to relax always has been baking. But you know you want a challenge occasionally as well. For some time now I have been eyeing up making a steamed sponge pudding but did not dare. I guess the long time to cook the totally different cooking/baking technique just kinda scared me.

Then we watched another episode of the hairy bakersĀ  best of british and they made this Steamed apple sponge pudding with blackberry sauce Now that looked too sumptuous to pass up. Very much a true autumn recipe and rich in fruits. So I gathered all my courage and baking ingredients and got started.

All went well except the steaming. The bikers suggest to use an inverted saucer but that makes such a noise that after 15 minutes SO and I looked at each other and thought never again. Then SO suggested using our smaller wire frame. It is a piece that allows a small saucepan on a slightly wider part of the gas cooker. Worth a try and it worked. No more noise, nice cooking, slightly longer than the bikers said (about 10 more minutes) and there it was.

Then the scary part; will it come out? Oh yes it did! and it tasted amazing. Sweet, dense and still fluffy too. Loved it so much that we even made it a second time in two weeks. This time for guests. Never mind that the second time I forgot to butter the basin. It came our beautifully again. Oh this opens up a new world of recipes and desserts. I am so chuffed.

Autumn delight

My wonderful sponge pudding

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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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5 Responses to Baking

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  2. draliman says:

    Wow. I want me a slice of that pudding!

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