Over the last two weeks we had two sets of people over for dinner.

First there were my parents. In part because of our birthdays and in part because they are parents. They sort of like that thing. As it was a warm and sunny SO and I came up with taking a boat through the canals. However my mother had a severe case of osteoarthritis in her knees and was not able to walk much further than from the car to the chair. So we stayed in.

We had a lovely afternoon with them. Dad and SO put a screen up against our fence at the back. That part though fenced was still very much open and we looked straight into the outdoor toys storage area from our back neighbours. Nothing bad, just not really our thing.

Dinner had to be easy as SO was away on business, pretty much the whole week and therefore I had to do the shopping by bike and during a very busy week. We made a beetrootsoup for them that we had made for a christmas dinner with my in-laws a few years back. Dad not the biggest fan of beetroot, gobbled it up with delight after a few difficult looks at the stuff. He even liked it so much he wanted a second bowl! I do admit the bacon may have had something to do with that. Our main was  trout, my mothers favourite with potato and green asparagus  Dessert were strawberries, with parmesan cheese and balsamic vinigar Easy as and totally indulgent. We finished with a cheese platter with the cheeses we’d brought from France (Livarot)

Another dinner was with B&J, old friends we had not seen for quite some time. For over a year we’d been trying to get together but schedules, illness and holidays interfered. So finally we managed. By that stage SO was recovering from a cold and I was in the process of getting one. The evening before I was out for dinner with co-workers and that had led to long late night. Something as a morning person is not my forte, but it was fun.

For B&J we had onion soup, in home made beef stock for starters. I now love making onion soup (just not the peeling of the onions). Our main was pork shoulder, slow roasted in our much loved egg. We had roasted beetroot, rosti and some green beans on the main. and for dessert we had the steamed apple pudding.

The pork was a total winner! we had a large piece and we worried that it would be too much, so we had anticipated having enough for about two meals for us afterwards. Not so to be honest. Just one. The meat was so tender and nice that all of us kept eating it. And of course it was catching up and catching up. So much fun.

Glad we saw them again, On Sunday the sniffles really took off. I had a terrible day and ended up in the bath just relaxing. Monday and Tuesday were pretty bad too. Thankfully by Wednesday I was fine again.

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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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