Really belated post on a dress

I have had this post sitting in my drafts for ages. Can’t remember why I did not finish it. Wedding was over a year ago! So why now? Because of a thread on the sewing pattern review and me bragging a little about it. So now I have to show it!Pattern Description:I needed a dress to wear to my BIL wedding; so that is what I did make myself. It has a vintage  fifties air to it: This one Burdaystyle 2010-10 number 116. A simple girlish and very happy little number. As soon as the wedding was announced I knew it was going to be this dress for me and I had the perfect fabric.

Did it look like the photo/drawing  once done ?

Yes they did, butthe fabric was so different so it would have been hard so see. It looked like the technical drawing

Were the instructions easy to follow?

As time was an issue I picked a basic pattern So I did not really need the instructions but they are always handy to have a check. The instructions were easy to follow but I did deviate a little in the 116 as the instructions call for a part lining in the bodice. I lined the complete bodice, including the sleeves as I felt one either lines or one does not line, but not in halves. In effect that was the only pattern change I made in the dress.


The dress got me a lot of compliments at the wedding. SO loves it. MIL was floored that I had made it myself and my sewing group (including teacher) had nothing but praise for me. though the teachers still had some remarks. SO had bought a matching tie in Rome. He’d brought a fabric swatch with him on the trip and bought the tie at the airport.

Fabric Used:

A wonderful cheerful purple cotton print with large flowers bought in NZ at the fabric warehouse during our trip last year. Very pacifica 🙂 SIL had stated she would have purple flowers and this was perfect. I did not realise that the type of flowers in her arrangement were going to be the purple version of the pink ones in my fabric. It was a perfect match as the bridesmaids (nieces) each had a little bouquet in that exact pink. And I swear other than the purple I had no idea about the floral arrangements!

Would you sew it again?

Yes or something in that style. I think I look good in it and really it is a nice dress. I would recommend it to others. It is easy, it is fun and it wears like a dream. SO already requested another one in that style. He loves seeing me in it.

Conclusion: I am so proud of my achievement and happy with the comments received

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8 Responses to Really belated post on a dress

  1. draliman says:

    That’s very impressive, a lovely dress! I’m not sure I could sew together a pillow case (though I can do buttons and minor repairs!).

  2. Emily says:

    GORGEOUS dress, and you look so beautiful and happy!

  3. You look fabulous love the colours and the fit looks as though it was made for you!

  4. Marie says:

    I’d love a photo of the two of you and the bridesmaids to check the colours

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