Ms Chanel and more

Once we get started on going to musea we are on the go. This time we stayed closer to home by visiting the gemeentemuseum in Den Haag. Last time we were there was in January 2012, that is 2 whole years ago for a museum so close by and so easy to reach! This time too it was because of a special exhibition. Where last time it was art and fashion that were combined this time the exhibition was Chanel the Legend. They also had a special on Delft blue and Delft white pottery and a recent bequest of art glass was on display. Of course there is more, but this was enough for a visit we’d decided.

We arrived at 11 just before opening to a long queue of people waiting to get in. Yes it is still the holidays, but truth be told the line moved fast and the place is huge so people were dispersed rapidly. Of course Ms Chanel was our first stop. This exhibition just fits nicely in the list of fashion design that has been going for a while. This exhibition did not lack focus and did not disappoint at all. There was a real focus on what she has been more than a little famous for The little black dress and the Chanel jacket and also some of her costume jewellery. The rest of the exhibition worked around those three and really embellished and strengthened what was shown there. Of course Mr Lagerfeld was also included as the current face of the house of Chanel The exhibition was not huge but nice in size and really quite stunning.  We spent about an hour there and I really got to know my little camera in my new phone.

From there we had a coffee with apple-pie which was just an intermezzo to our second visit, the Delftware. The exhibition was amazing totally amazing. I mean we are used to some stuff around town, but this was so well done. Within the building they had managed to recreate the atmosphere of the golden century in so many ways. One of the highlights for me was the Sara Rothe dollhouse It was in 1:9 to real life and absolutely amazing. It fitted so well with the atmosphere. Never been one for dolls and doll houses but one like that I would love to have.

Last but not least there was the art glass where we found some amazing pieces. We really enjoyed the collection but specifically Toots Zynsky work caught our eye We wandered around being just very happy at seeing the splendid colours and huge skill involved. Maginificent!

After that we’d been there for about 3 hours and decided that we’d had enough museum for one day and our inner foodie needed to some attention. We drove to our favourite butcher to buy beef shanks for tomorrow and to place an order for in a few weeks when we have friends over for dinner. At home SO made us a wonderful Mussel soup based on the cooking liquid from the last time we ate mussels. It is wonderful liquid to be used this was and give a nice flavoursome soup, just add a handful of shellfish and an onion and that is that.

The only thing left to do is to put our christmas decorations back in storage. We dismantled it yesterday as the tree was drooping and the ornaments started leaving the tree with no other help than just gravity taking a hold. Both SO and I are starting to feel much better again and the holidays are really turning into holidays.

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3 Responses to Ms Chanel and more

  1. Great pictures I say. Specially the one of the glassware.With such colours on display, Toots Zyznsky ( How do you pronounce this word I say!) is sure to catch every eyeball. So what be your intentions for this “priceless” stuff??


    • Gilraen says:

      Already located a gallery that represents the artist. She is now also listed in our list of artists worth investigating. We’ll see what the future holds for this artform and our house. 🙂

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