Foodies get together

Last night we had some foodie friends over. They are relatively new friends but we’ve known them longer. It sort of grew. F. worked with SO when SO was in his previous job. There always had been a good connection and both found themselves being foodies. Through him we got a few excellent tips on where to get genuine Italian ingredients. (He is Italian)As there are the occasional get togethers involving partners at his work we going to meet F’s wife and there too was a click with us both and I liked F as well. Last June we were invited for dinner at their place as SO had expressed an interest in their house redecoration. (Did not blog it as we were home incredibly late)

It was time to return the favour. The food they’d served us was magnificent and we decided it was time to pull out our stops as well. We also knew not to extend ourselves to a point that we could not oversee what we were doing. We decided to go for some certainties and we know well things and some experiments (with back ups). The biggest experiments were mine, but SO had the bulk of the work.

As it was the first time they visited our house a tour was in order. They were quite impressed – just as well I had made the beds for a change 🙂

  • We started off with home made focaccia, herb butter and other nibble things. The bread was met with a certain wow reaction. I have to admit it was a good one.
  • Starter was Pasta Carbonara. SO was a little nervous about serving this to an Italian but we decided to go for it anyway. He was majorly impressed. At least as good as he is used to. Phew that was a relief.
  • Main was the pork shoulder in a similar way (yes in the egg) we’d made for B&J last time with green vegetables and SO made pomme duchesse from scratch (really a lot nicer than the bought stuff). The pork was well received. It was moist and tender. Lovely!
  • Dessert was mandarin based; SO made mandarin sorbet which was very very nice and fresh. A keeper IMO Then there was my mousse. To be honest I was not impressed by this recipe. Sure it was too much too but it was too heavy and with marshmallows too sweet for me. However there was one winner. My mandarin soufflé! Everybody went wow, including me. That was a little tricky as I’d forgotten to set the timer so just as well I went over when I did. They were perfect! And they tasted so so nice.

While at dinner we had great conversation. Even religion was discussed, Usually not a topic for conversation amongst new friends but it was open and friendly. And during dinner we got up from the table a few times to investigate our kitchen gadets and even included a lesson in how to use the magimix. It was a lovely evening

Our friends indicated that the next time they would pick up the challenge to serve us dinner next time.. They left around 23.30 and we high fived! This was a great foodie evening. We cleared the mess quickly. One of the best things about our kitchen is that it is really easy to tidy somehow it flows well for that.  Then it was calm down We were in bed around 1.00 and slept in.

I am so proud!

I am so proud!

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