Collision course

This week has had a focus on my hands and not in a comfortable way.

You see I had some minor incidents involving my hands and subsequent pain. The first happened on Tuesday. As it was my yoga day I was happily cycling home when I had to stop at traffic lights – it happens. On the other side a large herd of students on bikes collecting themselves in front of the red light waiting to cross. As student are known to do, this did not happen in an orderly fashion, but more in a huddle together; Looking a little like this.

Take away the hard hats and that was kinda in front of my on the other side of the road – source

It is worth noting that this is a two way bike lane WITH separation lines in the middle. But of course as a student you cannot get away from your class soon enough. And it is an absolutely imperative to cycle next to your homies, mates, friends and other connections even if that means there is 6-8 of you in a row spread over both cycle lanes and footpath. As for any opposing traffic whether on bike of on foot, well clearly you expect them to evaporate in front of you the almighty students. Except I was that cyclist, cycling in my lane and had absolutely no intention to move out-of-the-way – both because I was not in violation of the traffic codes and I did not want to cycle over the pedestrians next to me.

As clunk sounds go mine was not too bad. In part this was because my left hand pinky absorbed quite a bit of the impact. That hurt and my subsequent use of the Dutch language was not of the friendliest kind, though I doubt it impressed the one that hit me. Thankfully I stayed on my bike and did not fall, unfortunately so did he. It would have been a nice domino effect if he had fallen (would have served them right).

My pinky was not broken, severely bruised though and only now 5 days later the blueness has disappeared. My yoga class that evening was impaired because of it any pressure on that hand drove a pain shudder through me but I survived.

As my pinky was healing the week went on. On Friday we were just bumming around after an intense week. I was tired because of a worktrip to Arnhem (total travel time 5,5 hours, plus 6 hours meeting) and not paying enough attention. So, as you do, you close the kitchen drawer a bit too fast. Alternative version; you don’t move your hands fast enough. The end result was that the top of my iPad finger (aka right hand index vinger) got slammed hard between the drawer and the granite top. Needless to say that it was painful, very painful. In fact I was not able to use my iPad the normal way that evening and under my nail there is a faint bluish colour visible. It is no longer painful to use thankfully so the iPad is in full use again. Still not an exercise I wish to repeat. Two injured fingers on one on each hand not good for general mood.

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