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Hiking Shoes

Hiking Shoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is no secret that I love walking. In fact over time I have taken on more walking than ever before and I’d love to go walking long distance more (and I will).Walking though does cost in the shoes and no matter how much I would like to have proper hiking shoes it ain’t going to happen. Simply put my calves start very close to my foot and does not allow for high closures. Ankle boots which I love are always difficult to procure, but I manage with wide shafts. No such fun with shoes.

I have had the same shoes twice now and they are OK. I like the stiffness of the soles but I notice on longer distances (like last Wednesday) that they are not wide enough for my foot. So on Saturday SO and I went to our favourite outdoor sports store the Bever and got ourselves new shoes. Now the Bever is a wonderful shop, but horrible if you don’t want to spend money. As per usual we did end up with more than we bargained for. But still this was a bucket load!

As said we went for the shoes. Mine are these  Meindle Phildelphia. Soles are less rigid (loss) but the left (widest) foot feels so much better in it. So I decided to give them a try. SO has Meindle shoes too. But much more sturdy professional hiking shoes. I am just a tad bit jealous! I would love to have those types like the one in the picture.

Next was a backpack. As I am short I need a short backpack. Often in the past I have found to be better off with large children sizes. I prefer one with a waistband and that is rather difficult in the smaller sizes. But really I found one! And I like the blue colour! A new daypack for me, to take on the long walks. Yes I am happy with it. It is nigh on perfect.

Then there was the bra, that I found no seams for yoga! Brilliant fit and keeps the shoulders back. Last but not least a rubytec towel I have one at work where it comes in really handy in the odd they when I arrive soaking wet. But I wanted one at home as well.

Feeling very happy with it all. Coming together nicely to start walking longer distances still. So there I am ready to continue with another time-consuming hobby.

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