Double weekend

A double weekend over Easter. Both SO and I have good Friday as well as Easter Monday off and boy do we need it. So much-needed doing and then there are just some bits  of time left. I will be getting better at blogging again, just it seems at present one of those many things that need doing.

Last weekend my dad was over. Mum was on a holiday with a friend and dad came over to ensure that the last bits of electricity relating to our central heating system and washing machine were done according to our specifications. We of course fed him something nice from the egg.

Yesterday we went to the garden centre and bought two large pots for the front of the house with boxwood trees. We’d been planning it for a while but the other day I got fed up. My young neighbours friend decided that he would need to take a shortcut to next door and cycled in between my bike which was parked on our front concrete slab and myself in front of our front door narrowly missing me in the process. Told him it was rude to cycle through a neighbour’s garden (aka concrete slab) He looked at me as if he never even realised I was there. Anyway I am fine with my young neighbour having people there as audience and in the young women’s case worship him at the wee tea party he holds on their concrete slab, but I do not want them in my front garden aka concrete slab. So now they can’t and truth be told with the boxwood it really looks quite nice even if a little bourgeois.

Today we tried out a new local restaurant. It is a hotel near the motorway which has a focus on Chinese travelers, but also has a restaurant there. It had been on our list for ages and today we gave it a go. It is authentic cuisine and very very nice if you like the kitchen. We had a look at their dinner menu and decided we’ll head here more often. The next visit was the newish oriental supermarket nearby. Now it is so nearby that is actually within walking distance, just the other way from where we usually go and so totally not on our shopping round. Or I should say was, it will be from now on. It is wonderful and has al those lovely Asian things I learned to like in NZ.  We’re eating from that supermarket today 🙂

Apart from my course I have manged to squeeze in some sewing time; I made this long blouse in a white and purple cotton stripe and it is really nice. I finished this topI used some left over fabric for it; namely this fabric, which means it got well used Then I got a little ahead of myself; I made a skirt that I fell in love with. Technically there is nothing wrong with the skirt. In fact even if I do say so myself it is well executed and the fit is nigh on perfect. But really it managing to emphasize just about every part of the lower body where I do not want to bring emphasis on. So I did not quite finish it – did not bother to put the buttons/closures on.

More things to do? Well tomorrow making hot cross buns for brunch at BIL and SIL other than that just relaxing. SO is still not back to 100%. Not sure if I blogged it but he is experiencing dizziness. Mostly at night when going to bed and the worst is over, but it was just one more little thing to worry about.

Central heating (dutch: CV-ketel)

Central heating (dutch: CV-ketel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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