Hunger Games

SO needed to run some errands for his parents this weekend. So I had to amuse myself. Not something I find hard and I poured my tension as built up in the last few weeks into sewing. No big project just some sportswear shorts that I can wear under skirts (anti chafing in hot weather). Love them.An additional reason was the King’s birthday celebration Yes shure it is a big party and everything is Orange and I so hate being in the crowd on that day I loath having to move step by step being pushed forward with a stream of people all being happy and celebratory. No thanks I’ll put on a podcast (this time it was vroege vogels) and happily stay indoors doing stuff I actually enjoy.Vroege Vogels is a program I grew up with as a child, which taught me about nature, but also appreciate classical music It is most soothing in the background with all those birds you year all the time in the program. When SO returned from his errands he commented on the traffic jam coming home, not on the motorway, but getting into the inter city where we live

Over the last week I have had to travel by train a fair bit, which is my preferred time for reading. If needed work related, but if not I’ll read whatever I like on my precious little ebook. On Sunday I actually ended up reading a whole book. I started the Hunger games trilogy after seeing the movie. I love the the movie and I was so impressed with Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. I saw the movie on my flight to or from Japan when I went there in 2012 for work.

Anyway I got the ebooks but with me reading the David Brin 7 books ( Sundiver 6 and existence) in a row it took some time before I coud start them The first was easiest to read and imagine given that I had seen the movie. Needless to say that the image of Katniss that played in my mind was that of the one in the movies. When it came to the second one I got hooked and kept reading pretty much on and on, Was almost unhappy when my Thalys arrived in Rotterdam as it meant having to finish my chapter. The third was devoured in one day even, being today.

Love it, was not happy with the end though it fitted the books. It is a very bittersweet happy ever after. It finishes with hope, but also sadness.

I love the fact that nothing is quite what it seems to be. Political intrigue for better and worse. Who is really the enemy and what and who can and cannot be trusted. Allegiances that change and in between a young woman coming of age and having to deal with her feelings whilst being in the spotlight. As Peeta puts it; real or not real. Losses, sacrifices and friendships. At times I felt like crying at time I wanted to shout at Katniss and others. Suzanne Collins masterfully writes about the internal and external conflicts people encounter and the toughest choices people at times have to make. A song that comes to mind is Try walking in my shoes by Depeche Mode. Always one of my favorites, but now, to me at least forever linked to Katniss Everdeen.

What I like best about it is that these are books for young people growing up. A strong female lead (always good) and underneath one can read a story as it sort of waves common politics, recent history and a potential future all together. Bread and games have always been good for the masses. The Hunger Games too are for the masses, except like many games in the political arena it is not a game. It shows how people can forget that those on TV are real people and at the same time can connect to them. The show is  always a central theme in the book. What will we bring out and what it the reality behind the scenes.  There is a lot going on and even as a reader you get confused at what Katniss should do and who to trust.

Now I want to see the next installments of the movie, though I think some of the more gruesome details that are written in the book are going to be omitted again

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