50 years and counting

I am writing this entry way too late, but really the last few weeks have been beyond busy and as a result many many things suffered, including my beloved blog.

Anyway what did happen were three anniversaries and all of them very different. Let’s start at tone one with the most years to it. My in-laws. They managed the big 50 in marital bliss. As both of them have been suffering major health crises over the last few years we were most grateful that they managed to get to this milestone in relatively good health for now at least.

MIL was beyond excited on the prospect of celebrating this event and SO being he lovely wonderful self helped out where he could. This did result in us having less time together and for SO in needing to take a few days off in the middle of the celebrations to avoid falling over. But he did a wonderful job in making the pictures for his parent’s wedding anniversary invitation blending their original picture with a current one. The current one even included their bridesmaid from back then!

My in-laws and even more MIL loved the idea of being surprised and not knowing all the details, where at other point she clearly had complete control over everything. We children and in-law children managed to do that. From let’s have some nice family pictures of the whole family it went to wedding pictures by the photographer that did our wedding and that of my BIL/SIL. Unfortunately he was not available but he referred us to a trusted colleague. My in-laws were incredibly lucky on that Saturday. We had beautiful sunny weather and we took family pictures in the park where their wedding pictures were also taken. My in-laws love having pictures and MIL generally has a little booklet with her usually featuring the nieces, but we occasionally feature in there too 🙂 Anyway one thing that is really missing is a family portrait. The last one was well before the nieces were planned and the family has had other changes as well. We all know MIL would love to have something like that on display. In a few weeks time she will and it makes here extremely happy and if she is happy FIL is happy. SO is very much a child of his father in that respect :-).

After the photography there was the family party. My parents were also invited as were all direct relatives. Cousins that I do not know and SO had not seen for 20 odd years. One was a lady that I know from sewing class, She’s married to one of SOs cousins! Small world indeed. We had a wonderful meal and it was a god way to catch up with my parents. SO was busy catching up with people he grew up with but had had no contact with for ages. My in-laws were beaming and radiated their happiness around. They wer exhausted when we dropped them off at home.

That Tuesday was their real anniversary. In the end after much soul-searching, scheduling and rescheduling they’d decided that it was going to be an afternoon in Avifauna with the nieces and the family. Except that there was no way that I could take time off from work on that short notice in what for me is the busiest time of the year. So they went and I joined for dinner at their place in the evening, when SIL would need to attend a course. We had Sushi that evening and we did not stay late. The next day I needed to train some people so I needed a good night sleep. Besides I think specifically FIL was tired for having spent the day with his much loved but oh so busy grandchildren.

The Saturday after there was the party for the neighbours. They’d organised a high tea and despite the fact that the average age was well above 70 and that I hardly knew anybody but the direct neighbours I did have a good time in the end. SIL/BIL and nieces needed to go somewhere else that day but did show up to do their little sing and dance for their grandparents. The neighbours had also prepared something which includes funny hats noses and pictures that we had to promise would never be shown in public (much). That night we were home around 8-ish and collapsed at home. Oh and I will admit part of our tiredness was due to Dizzy Heights the night before. But nothing could stop me there

That sunday was mothersday- we skipped that one! So did check in with his parents as we felt that if we were exhausted they must be too and they were. But very happy.

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