Oslo – Saturday

Oslo turned out to be one of those cities where you g wow, why not more tourists? On saturday we slept in – we were a little on the late side for breakfast (as it turns out that was an hour longer because of the weekend – never mind)

We decided to go to walk to the harbourside, take the boat-bus to the viking museum. It was one of those glorious days with the sun shining into the water and though I had a # public transport ticket and everybody thought (including the hotel) that the boat to museum-island was part of that it turned out that it was not. Quite frankly I was in a strop. It has one of those # number public transport number and then all of a sudden it is not a public transport thing at all. Not that that this was insanely expensive but I felt it was just wrong.

After some moping around because of it (primarily me) we decided to take the boat anyway, but only one way From the Quay on the other side it is a walk to the museum. The museum is in one word magnificent. It is not huge but well built and laid out. The viking museum has some old viking boats dug up in the past and these are now on display/ It is beyond wonderful to see up close the pure craftmanship, not only in building but also in decoration. Mind you it is rather heart stopping to realise these people roamed the seas and oceans on these smallish boats. Courage? Probably but somewhat mixed with some insanity and huge curiosity. The ships are dar due to the peet they had been suspended it for a long long time. With them being displayed in a white building the contrast and dramatic effects are maximised

From there we took the bus (with my public transport card thank you) to the Vigeland Park. Officially it is called the Froggner park but the Vigeland museum is net to it and his legacy in part in the part. It was so sunny, warm and wonderful We had the impression that a large part of the Oslo population was in the park. It was quite busy but not overcrowded. We loved the fountain, as did many people and animals But really this man made great sculptures. It was an absolute joy to walk through it.

From there we walked to our hotel. That walk took us through the palace gardens which are open to the public. Also very pretty. In the hotel we got changed We had an early appointment at 18.00 in the National Theatre. Yes we went to the theatre! The night before we had gone there to check out on Peer Gynt, which was advertised. As we’d seen the play we figured we can watch it in Norwegian and understand. However Peer Gynt would not show until August, but they did have a piece by Franz Kafka; Metamorphosis and guess what? With English subtitles or rather side titles! Yes really! To the side of the stage two TV screens showed the dialogue in English! We just had to see that.

We loved it! We had to ask two couples to change seats as with the tall vikings in front of me I could not see the screens, Whereas with their slightly shorter viking ladies I could. They gladly obliged when I explained my problem. Anyway It was a blast! Going to a theatre in a language you don’t understand with subtitles in your second language and liking it. The fact that it was a very strange play made it even more fun.

After that we went to the French cafe where we had dinner on the terraces with an exceptionally nice waiter. It was a cafe that SO knew from his work trips and wanted to show me. After dinner we went to our hotel into our beds and decided that it had been a good day.


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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