Oslo – Sunday

Sunday did not start out as nice as the Saturday had ended. It was raining a little, not much but still it was showing us another side to Oslo. Not bad at all, just well, less glorious.

We’d seen this on the forecast and had decided that this was going to be the best day for a museum. Now according to the Norwegian guide books you haven’t been to Oslo unless you have visited the Munch museum. So that is where we went. Now I admit here and now that I only now the Scream and the story on how it got stolen. I’d never seen any other works by him. The museum has a special on (through nature) together with Natural History Museum as a topic relating to the influence on Munch.

One of several versions of the painting "...

One of several versions of the painting “The Scream”. The National Gallery, Oslo, Norway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To be honest the best parts of the museum were not the stuff by Munch but the stuff from the Natural History Museum. The fossils, the taxidermy and drawings of nature. We had a coffee afterward and decided not to take the Much path as it was now raining badly and went back into the city. Where we had lunch at Aker Brygge.

After lunch we made reservations for the evening and went to the other museum selected; The Astrup Fearnley Museum. (the Wikipedia page is a little outdated) Now talk about a winner there! That really was something. We knew it was modern art, but what we did not know that this museum houses absolute top pieces you’d expect in New York or something. It really brightened up our day.

It starts with that magnificent building – or rather the two buildings. The architecture is something quite amazing and quite in line with the amazing collection. We went to the building at the back first. This as that seemed more logical and we had to make a choice. This building had a good special but really it was their own stuff that was wonderful. Artists seen are;

  • Damien Hirst – including Mother and Child (divided), which is an amazing piece of art. SO has a bit of an issue with the being able to see inside the animal thing, but I like it a whole lot.
  • Jeff Koons – Now that is an artist that at times make me think how awful, just to turn around and see something that I think is absolutely brilliant, fun and always always brightly coloured. They have the Michael Jackson and Bubbles Porcelain Which is beautiful sad and over the top at the same time.
  • Anselm Kiefer. Now I’ll be honest Never heard of the guy before we went here. We saw a few pieces by him and he is now – after a little search – on our favourite list His ability to work with structure, both on a canvas and in installations was amazing. I’d have loved to take something of his’ home. However he is well outside our budget range.

These were not the only artist there, but they were the ones that made the biggest impression on us. We were happy with this building but there was more to come. Building tow, on the fjord front had been taken over by an exhibition by two artists; Elmgreen and Dragset, a Dane and a Norwegian. The exhibition and really the whole building are called Biography And really all I can say is WOW! They’d taken over everything, including the toilet area (seriously) Not all parts were equally good, but all were interesting entertaining and very engaging. We wandered through always finding something new something else. My top piece from there was the wee little white rat (in the pictures) I even found him a spot in our lounge already, Not 100% sure if SO would have liked an arty rat. So these two are going onto our list of keep an eye out for exhibitions list.

After that most amazing afternoon of wonderful art we headed out for another form of art. Norwegian Food at its best. We went to the Lofoten fish restaurant, warmly recommended by all guidebooks. We now know why. We ordered the fruits-de-mer Which in this case meant half a lobster each, langoustines, mussles, etc. It was a lot! and it was magnificent. We were sitting in front of the window and watched the weather getting better and people coming out again.

From there we went back to the hotel. Very full of wonderful food and also wonderful art. Seriously the Astrup Fearnley Museum is a must in Oslo!




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