Oslo – Monday

As SO was supposed to have his meeting on Monday we were in town then too. His meeting was cancelled on the Monday before we were due to fly out hence we had another lovely day together in town The day was supposed to be very very nice again and our flight was not until the early evening. We had plenty of time to do some more. Having said that with all our running around over the previous weeks and a jam packed full weekend we were also quite tired. So we decided to take a boat.

We took a Fjord cruise actually. We wanted to go on one fo those beautiful tall ships they have for it. Unfortunately they only sail on the weekend and thus we were ushered into one of these sightseeingboats you can find in Amsterdam as well. You know the rather ugly and noisy kind. But beggars can’t be choosers so we boarded.

We had been there on time and were in the correct position in the line for sitting in the back (where we had the sun, with sunscreen on). In front of us there was an ever expanding family. You know the type; you send one person ahead and they stand in line. The rest of the family then joins later (often one at a time), much later and this one person in front of you  has expanded to a family of 8 or 10.  Now that truly is one of my pet peeves. I really do not like families doing that. I feel it is cheating the line and disrespectful to those that do arrive on time and do wait the whole time. I was muttering to SO every time another family member showed up – “there goes our seat in the back!” Thankfully the family chose to sit together on one side, as the back bench was already too full to seat all 10, but still could hold SO and myself.

Around 10.00 we took off and the boat turned. We first followed the Oslo centre/harbour coast line and then went across the fjord to the islands in front of Oslo. As said we had the most amazing weather and as a result Oslo was sparkling and the fjord was glistening. The city was so wonderful this way that it could take on any city I know of and quite frankly win. It was massively beautiful and at the same time understated,  calm, collected and cool.  The cruise took just over two hours and to be honest once on board we loved every minute of it. I’ll let the pictures below do the talking on how lovely it was.

When we got off the boat we had a bit of a thought on what to do next. So we decided to walk up to the castle – Akershus Fortress. During the weekend there had been a medieval event and though in itself quite interesting we’d decided that it was not for us that weekend. So we walked up there and found through a little gate (and thus on the outside) a small cafe where we had a coffee. We walked around the castle which is really quite nice and interesting. We walked into the museum shop as we still had not bought a new mug, but could not find one there. We decided against the museum and opted for some more walking. The castle area is huge and it is most interesting!

When you walk all over the castle area you slowly end up coming onto the current military area. The fortress walls seem to continue onto there. We wandered around and then walked back into the city. The idea was lunch, walk to hotel pick up luggage go to airport. As we walked out we were all of a sudden in front of a little cafe that I know. It is called Engebret and is the oldest on the city. according to the staff and some Norwegians I spoke to (during my week working there) it was frequented by the likes of Grieg, Munch and Ibsen. Quite a sales point in my book We’d been there in my workweek to and I remembered the food to be excellent. SO and I sat in the garden restaurant, which we would call on the terrace. It was lovely. The food we had, was delicious. Fish was on the menu and we loved it. Yes there was a lot of Fish the whole week, mind you Salmon is one of the cheaper things to eat there.

Anyway we loved sitting there and talk a little. From there we wandered back to the hotel and picked up our luggage. We still had plenty of time but we getting a little tired and we still had to get to the airport which is well outside the city. The train is a high-speed train and it took us into the airport within half na hour of boarding. Once at the airport we ended up reading for a bit until boarding. We arrived around 20.00 in Amsterdam and were home around 22.00. Our anniversary weekend was over, but what a weekend, what a city. I so recommend going there. We still have not seen everything we wanted to see. I hope to return there again in the not too distant future.




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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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