And we go burp

English: Invergarry and Fort Augustus Railway ...

English: Invergarry and Fort Augustus Railway The short lived Invergarry and Fort Augustus Railway was to be a main line railway serving Inverness. It only got as far as Fort Augustus and could never generate any income. It closed in 1946 after its last service, moving timber in wartime ceased. The trackbed here is used as a logging road. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another day walking in the Highlands A short walk one this time or so we thought

From the hotel there were two options using the hotel as a starting point or taking a taxi to the point where we’d left the trail and continue on the other side of the loch. After some thought SO and I came to the same conclusion even if it was for different reasons that were important for us. The chosen side of the lake is very interesting as it follows the path of the never finished Fort William to Inverness railway for the most part. The railway was built as far as Fort Augustus, but never further and closed down in 1946. On our route we saw the project for rebuilding the Invergarry station and platform as a tourist attraction and we encountered many of the purpose built bridges some of the looking rather overgrown with mosses. It was a magnificent part of the trip.

After this we sat down next to the canal and had our lunch We were joined by a very cheeky little Red Robin that was pulling a nice big fat worm out of the ground for lunch and then hopped around us in search of bread crumbs. He was so utterly cute. For there it is a canal walk to Fort Augustus where some of the best parts are a number of working water locks. it was a pleasant walk. By lunch time we’d walked 11 km and we thought we’d only have another 5 to go. The signpost at the locks stated 6,5 km? hmm not to happy but did we have a choice? Not really so we marched on. Thankfully the weather has taken a turn for the better, but still we were not amused by the additional 2,5km it was in the end. We were most pleased to finally find our hotel. It should be noted that we passed it three times before seeing it. It is a large hotel, but we were not aware that we were approaching it from the back and hence no large is outside and completely missed it much to our despair.

Dinner was superb. SO and I wonder why the chef does not have a star in this hotel restaurant. The food was that good. Easy the best meal since Beluga back in January for our anniversary. The food was so good that against our better judgement we ordered dessert. Beautiful and lovely but not light . SO is in bed feeling stuffed to the gills as am I. So were off sleeping again. Tomorrow the are promising only 12 Km. We’ll see.


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