Short and steep

English: Person with a walking stick

English: Person with a walking stick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I mentioned yesterday, today was the short one.

now usually this means that there is something else, today was no exception to that rule.

SO and I took it easy this morning. We did not leave until 11 to avoid arriving in our next hotel too early. We walked to the petrol station in Fort Augustus first. SO had lost the rubber tip of his walking stick and there they so,d them He also purchased a hat, as he hates the hoodie on his raincoat. As he’ put the wounded walking stick in our suitcase he could not use it for today’s walk and so was ‘forced’ to buy a new one. A beautiful wooden one, reminiscent of Gandalf. With this he looks the part of Highland laird walking his estate

The walk started with quite a steep ascent. Now being Dutch going uphill for more than dyke height is always going to be challenge. We are simply more quipped to wander through mud than on hills and mountains. Add to that; my GP suspects I suffer from exhaustion asthma, which means going up hill or anything too strenuous results in my airways inconveniently deciding to contract, which in turn makes my heartbeat go up to rather high levels and me ending up nearly passing out. At this stage it is only suspected but it fits my list of issues and she prescribed me an inhaler only to be used when I was going to do something strenuous. Walking the Highlands count IMO. The differences with this ascent were remarkable. SO was mightily impressed. I managed to keep my deep yoga breathing going for much longer and went up in a way I don’t think I have ever done before. The whole walk was up and down and I found it quite easy to do.

We again saw a fair number of people including an official Great Glen Ranger, but also people walking dogs, people with far more luggage than us and mountain bikers. No sign of our shadow. We may have lost her. We also saw a huge number of all sorts of mushrooms. In some cases 40 or so together, going into the Forrest or o the side of the road. Now I am no experts so I leave them alone, but they are so pretty and wonderful.

This is also a stretch where there has been a fair amount of logging recently and the timber was nicely stacked on both sides of the road, leaving a wonderful almost tunnel of timber for us to walk through.

In the end we walked for 15 km as we could. to find the official shortcut and took the longer loop. Even so we arrived in the hotel before. 15.00 We both had a shower and are now lounging around in the lounge.
oh yes the weather. overcast but dry, not cold, the most perfect hiking weather.




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5 Responses to Short and steep

  1. It’s lovely to hear all the descriptions of your walking experience. I tune in every day for an update! You’re getting closer to Inverness – yay!

  2. draliman says:

    Your description reminds me of walking in the forests of Scotland last time I was there (many moons ago now). It is beautiful. At least if it’s not too hot I suppose there aren’t so many midges, which is a real problem up there sometimes.

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