Changing direction

English: Auchteraw Woods Steep wooded hillside...

English: Auchteraw Woods Steep wooded hillsides above Fort Augustus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For once we did not have to pack our bags as we are staying in the same hotel, but a resting day it was not

The next route is all the way to Inverness and is about 32 km long. Far too much for a bunch of beginners like we are. Plus it again is a big climb and to be honest the idea was really not attractive to my calves.

Our tour operators have therefore split this long route, but as there is not much in the way of hotel they have come up with a clever solution. I should add that is standard for them, not just for us poor Hill deprived Dutchies. From our hotel in Lewiston we took a trip with the man who also carries our bags the next hotel daily. He lives across the hotel. He then dropped us and some others off about half way on the route and we walked back to Lewiston. Big advantage is the primary way is down.

This makes a very different view. Nearly all people these days are walking, cycling etc from Fort William toward Inverness and today it became clear to us how many more people were on the GGW. Lots of people, so many different ways of packing, some really looking uncomfortable and overloaded. Some happily walking up the hill as if it nothing in the steepness bothered them. On one of the steepest sections, where we were having some major issues walking down in a non-scary manner, we met a mountain biker walking up. He told us it was impossible to cycle and how long was it going to be like this? Unfortunately a fair bit further. He told us that he’d cycled from Glasgow to Fort Augustus in one day. But that the trip for Fort Augustus to Inverness was really hard on him. Having walked it I can believe it!

As the descents were quite steep we found our legs complaining more and more. The walk was not extremely far at 16.5km but with the steepness it did take more time than anticipated. However Scotland paid back with wonderful view over the loch including a nice view of Urquhart Castle. the last 3 km are fully along the A82. Not quite the best view Scotland has to offer but it got us to the hotel again. Tomorrow we’ll be dropped at the same point as we were today but will walk the other way, toward our end
point for this holiday.




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