The end

Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All wonderful things must come to an end Even the Great Glen Way.

It was not the longest leg, nor the hardest. It was the sunniest for most of the day though. We were dropped off at the same point as the previous day but obviously walked in the opposite direction. For 4 km it was just walking the road. It was not bad here though. A small road with little traffic. Through beautiful surroundings. It was still very purple, but also had more green mixed in a and looked less harsh because of it.

After after the road we went I to a path that roughly keep following the road just above it for a while before we entered the forest. Truth be told with the sun shining brightly we were glad to be waking in the shade. Some of the path was sloping ever so slightly downward but most of it was relatively straight, After our previous days our legs were not unhappy this arrangement.

After some time the forest cleared and In the distance we could make out the outskirts of Inverness. The trick is to remember that these mini houses in the distance do not mean that you are nearly there. for that point it really is at least another 6 km and thus at least another hour walking to go. SO and I had lunch there up,on the hill overlooking our finish line.

After lunch we walked down the relatively steep hill. From there to a building site where they managed to keep the path going between fences to Great Glen House through fields to a housing estate. Then there was the golf course, the canal and activity centre. On we went over the very pretty islands, onto the bank of the river Ness. At the end of the Ness Bank there is the last ascent. First some steps and then struggling with a happy smile to the finishing point; Inverness Castle.


We were elated, smug, happy etc. and we still had to walk to our Hotel. There was our room ready and waiting for us. Best part of it was the bathtub. Needless to say that I was in the bath as soon as our friendly hotel staff had left the room. SO followed as soon.
Dinner that evening was a celebration.



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