Tradition with a twist

Fortrose Cathedral

Fortrose Cathedral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course we ha not done that other great tradition of holidays a geocache. Something we needed to rectify.It is getting hard to find good Geocaches these days There are so many! Most of them are of the click and point type and or are really not that engaging. It is a bit like say Trip advisor for some places there is so much that the choice becomes and issue again.

However SO found one that got consistently good reviews and was a puzzle. We’d hoped for a nice walk. It was on the Black Isle just north of Inverness. A place I’d head of great beauty. Furthermore we found a pub there in Fortrose that was voted one of the best in Scotland so we thought we’d make it a double. Turns out plans can be made and not followed.

The clues for the puzzles were easy to find. It was point and click to every clue. They are all mosaics in plain sight and part of the community in many ways. The questions were easy to answer. That said the clues took us to some interesting beautiful places we’d otherwise would have missed, but all by car. There was very little walking involved as all clues could be found near the road. This was an unexpected but interesting change to our plans and made it really a remarkable cache, where walking tends to be central.

We ended up in Cromarty on the waterfront in awe of the oil platforms that though they kinda spoil the landscape have a beauty of their own due to their construction. We also saw a little beach at Rosemarkie Bay which was so lovely and we would have passed otherwise as well as the ruins of a small church overlooking a lovely bay area. Remarkably the graveyard is still in use. We had a coffee there at some pretty custom made tables and enjoyed the view of Fort George from the other side. We now also saw where the lighthouse we’d seen two evenings ago had been.

The cache took us around the island and to be honest I botched up twice forgetting a clue along the way. This resulted in us driving around the inner of the island too. We got all the clues and with that the end coordinates and drove there. It turned out that this was in a forest along a path which was in use with diggers. We could not turn or go forward. With a lot of effort SO managed to reverse out of that path again. He was not a happy chappy then. Plus we were getting a little low on petrol and he was not going to drive anywhere but a petrol station and really all he wanted to do was go back to our B&B. Sod the cache.

In the end we got petrol on the Isle and as we both felt a little better we drove back to the cache point We wanted that cache! This time we parked along side the road as much as we could close to the fence. No way SO was going to drive up that path again. As we walked  up the path and quickly found the cache. We were very happy that we did! From there it was back to Inverness, not to the local pub and having some dinner and then pack the suitcases.




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