Over the last two weeks I have had to do some travelling for work and it is not over yet. Travel for work sounds massively grown up, but generally means a lot of waiting and also getting up early to catch whatever mode of transport chosen.

My first trip was to Brussels for two days. A conference where I met lots of new people. As a result it was a most satisfying but also incredibly tiring,The meeting started at 09.00, very early indeed so I had to get the 07.00 Thalys from Rotterdam, ergo a 05.00 start. Needless to say that this was a rather comfy timeframe and I was in Rotterdam at 06.00. This as I skipped my normal routine and breakfast completely and had breakfast at the station (relatively normal yoghurt and muesli). SO thought it was a slightly insane time to get up so unusually did not get up with me

As the meeting was in a part of Brussels I was not yet familiar with I ended up walking a lot more than usual, simply because I had no idea where I was. It was in a part of town where the restaurants were few and far between and also only tended to open at 19.00. As I’d had such an early start I wanted food earlier (conference finished at 17.30) and I stopped at the first place that was open, Indian food and not half bad either. The next day I returned home and was home at a decent 18.00 and slept like a log.

This week it was Prague. As I only had a meeting on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning I decided to fly in on Thursday morning and out Friday afternoon. It again meant an early start at 05.0. I could have made it a later start, but there had been some train issues the day before I just did not want to risk it (with an earlier start I could organise alternative transport if needed). This time SO himself was away and thus I did not have to tiptoe around. Thankfully all was well with the trains so I was at the airport at an early time and even managed to work a little while waiting for my flight.

Now I know Prague well. I have been there a few times and in the past even spent a few weeks there on a long trip through Europe. Ten years have passed since my last visit and it is still a darn pretty but very touristy place. As it is work travel I really did not have much time to see anything other than walking through the city to and from my meeting place, which is a shame really as at this time of yea, though touristy it is not as bad as in summer and things are already pretty as a picture. Have to keep that in mind. As this meeting is an annual meeting that I always attend it was a easier on the stress levels. The meeting itself was nothing major this year, but still it is good to have an annual catch up on projects.

In the evening we went out for dinner and I have to admit I do love the rustic, rather rough type of food that the Czech kitchen is. I loved my boar goulash with potato cakes! I even had desert (something I rarely eat) simply because it was a fun day and I had great company and I wanted it.

SO picked me up from the airport. He dutifully waited at the luggage belt for my flight. But as I only had hand luggage I came out at the other end. So we ended up having to message  to find each other!

Now a long long weekend (King’s birthday) and then another trip. Traveling for work – a lot of fun but also tiring!

Prague - Jerusalemer Synagoge

Prague – Jerusalemer Synagoge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Panoramic view of Prague Castle Česky: Panoram...

Panoramic view of Prague Castle Česky: Panoramatický pohled na Hradčany a Pražský hrad Français : Vue panoramic du Chateau de Prague depuis la Vieille-Ville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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One Response to Travels

  1. draliman says:

    I used to have to travel to meetings and conferences. It was okay but as you say, very tiring. On balance I’m glad I don’t need to any more.

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