Newcastle outward bound

Day two started with a hearty traditional English cooked breakfast. Simply put it is the perfect stuff to walk a long walk on. We did set out a little earlier than anticipated, but we liked it that way.

This time we went down the steep hill we’d climbed yesterday and decided yes it was indeed a rather steep hill, though not very high. Back on the banks of the river Tyne we headed eastward and started walking.

Now the initial part was not that amazing, lots of nice river views and all, but mostly housing and offices on the other side. Sort of the compulsory views in the city we then got to a very busy and increasingly noisy road we had to follow. Thankfully the path the moved up a hill and thought it continued to follow the noisy road you are a bit further from the worst of it. Alas that path was closed for maintenance and we had to continue along the main road. By that stage a half decent conversation was not possible, nor a decent one for that matter

We were ever so grateful when the diversion was over and we finally were on a more quite path. We met two men there one with small dog coming from the other side and we had a nice chat. They told us where we could find some food along the way. This was great news as we did not have packed lunches. We thanked them profusely and went our merry way, to the pub. The pub was still a bit further down, but it was good. no wifi there though and according to SO some dodgy black stuff masquerading as coffee, but with a good meal and some down time.

From thereon it was another 6 km and we were way ahead of decent arrival time, so we stayed at the pub for about and hour and a half. The last stretch of the day was at least a bit more scenic and we slowly started to fall into a decent holiday feeling. It should be noted that nearly all walking patches so far had been shared with cyclists and there are many of those here. At times it is not an easy coexistence.

Our B&B is of an older generation, in many ways, but the hosts are beyond nice and so hospitable that you’d want to take them home with you. They drove us to their best restaurant and also picked us up. The kindness is overwhelming. The same can be said for the restaurant. It was amazing food. We loved it! It is called Winships and is worth a visit. I had one of the best food memories return with the sticky toffee pudding. It took me right back to the time I lived in the UK and worked in the  hospital labs.  The hospital kitchen made the best sticky toffee pudding and I had a number of those as my lunch back the . tonight I was back I that hospital if only for a moment. pure bliss

2 newcasstle buildings


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