Back the wall

As we had walked from Hayton Gate to Brampton the previous day we had absolutely no intention to walk the same 6 km back to the wall path again. So, in good defiance fashion, we booked a taxi back to the point where we had diverted the previous day. Our track buddies decided to go even as far as Newton to get ahead. In their defense they needed to be in Carlisle on time for some equipment repairs.

We did start that day again at Heyton gate e started off with rain, a lot of it, but the forecast had said dry after about an hour. Thankfully the forecast was right. SO and I had decided to live dangerously and only had our rain coats with us. The rest of our gear was in the suitcase. Our gamble paid off though, it was dry after 30 minutes.. The intial walk that day was  nice walking through fields, most of them easy to walk, others wet and muddy. We met some Dutch people quite quickly, but as we walked slightly faster we pulled ahead quickly again.

One of the best finds on this leg was the “Stall on the Wall”. The stall is in fact an honesty box, and not the first we found, but the first with its own very applicable name. Also the only one we had use. It was just that we did not have anything but water with us and really we wanted something sweet. Capri-Sun meets those requirements, though for the life of me I can not pahntom ever having liked the stuff other than when as tired as we were.

To be honest, it was not a tiring walk. It was a gentle walk and we loved it after the Crag days and map reading the day before. Around 13.00 we had a cup of tea in Crosby-on-Eden and just as we were getting ready to leave the Dutch couple we met earlier that day walked in, together with an American couple. We quickly found that all three couples, plus our (way ahead) track buddies were going to be staying at the same B&B in Carlisle. We had all booked through the same service :-). So we bid our goodbyes and after “a see you soon” we headed out for the last stretch.

The path follows the River Eden for a while and the walk is ever so pretty and gentle. It was totally relaxed and zen. Lots of flowers on the path while the river gently glistened on our left hand side. Through Rickerby park we had to look carefully which path to take, but we soon found our way. After the park it was a short walk to our B&B, where we were welcomed almost as long lost friends. A nice place with a lovely bed awaiting us.

As we had some time to spare we walked up the road to buy some batteries for the GPS aka big bird. Then all of a sudden we heard our names; our track buddies called from one of the restaurants and invited us over. In the end we decided first things first namely the batteries, but joined the as soon as we had them We had a lovely meal at Alexandros Greek restaurant. Really well cooked and nice service.  Given that SO does not like Greek food his exclamation; “best Greek Food ever” was worth it.

However as it was Wenesday I did insist on being at the B&B at 20.00. After all it is Great British Bake Off day. We did manage to be on time and I watched my favourite program


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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