Back to Carlisle

All good things must come to an end and with the arrival at Bowness, this hiking adventure had ended officially. Unofficially there was a little more to come.

First there was the getting out of Bowness. There are a few options to do this.

  1. Walk back to Carlisle. That was a no-no in our book. We do not retrace our steps easily and most certainly not over this distance.
  2. Take the taxi. Easy, but not very adventurous, plus we had not booked
  3. Take the bus. Conveniently there is on that leaves Bowness at 10.20. That is what we decided to do.

It was not just us that had decided that either. Only two couples decided to take the taxi. One as they had to get a train to Newcastle and the ferry back to the Netherlands. Our track buddies too took the taxi, as they were on their way to the Lake District for recovery. The rest of the known couples plus three other hikers were at the bus stop. Quite a large group on that narrow road. Then from the distance another two hikers came at us at a decent speed. Passing us they yelled “Do not let the bus leave without us”. Turns out that a toilet break was a necessity. The guy was back at the bus stop quickly time. Turns out they had walked the last 7 miles that morning. WOW! His GF was running later and later though.

Three minutes before the bus (the only one for 4 hours) was due, the young man was getting a little worried. All of a sudden his GF walked around the corner and the guy shouted. “My favorite person in the whole world”. How romantic! Not totally romantic though. She was back in time carrying two cups of tea! What a good idea for the weary walker that was and just in time too. The bus arrived a minute later and we all got on board.

Going back to Carlisle was fun. Seeing those same cows we’d seen the day before were now running with the bus. And the changed view made that we saw loads of other stuff we had not seen before.but after 30 minutes we arrived at the bus station is Carlisle and it was time for the final goodbyes for all. Most went to the train station, but not us. We had arranged to go back to the same B&B as where we stayed the first time in Carlisle.

There was just this little issue we’d found out about when we were first at the B&B. The owners were out for our arrival day. The solution was as simple as trustful. They’ d let us keep the keys to the B&B and our room. Our room would be unoccupied for the night in between anyway. This meant we walked into this big B&B which was eerily silent. The laundry, we had left behind the day before, was on the bed and we did our usual  suitcase explosion and had a much needed relaxation. We then walked around the city. There was an international market on that day. I had been looking forward to it, but reality was that this mainly meant lots of food.  Most of said food was fatty and not much else, not nutritious at all. However Carlisle is a nice friendly old city and it is a nice place to walk around in. we ended having lunch at subway, as it was the least terrible food choice we could find, and it had a salad for me. Seriously it is no wonder that so many people here are obese. All food sold is high higher and highest in the calorie stakes. Anything like a salad or reasonable in the calorie stakes is very hard to find. In the afternoon  we found a nice pub, the Griffin, with some nice big chairs to hide in for a while. The evening was spent at a nice Italian restaurant, Sannas, before we returned to the B&B and caught up with our hosts.

A good relaxing day for after a long walk,

9 the griffin


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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