Back east

Carlisle was a mere interlude to the rest of our holiday. The rest we are to spend in Newcastle and we went there by train.

Now this is an easy connection, about hourly and takes an hour and a half. Parts of it follow the Hadrian Wall Path staying on the south side of the path. Near the Northumbrian National Park it really has a more southern track, possibly to avoid the crags :-).

We had a relatively late start of course, now we could. However as we are used to in breakfast room we met walkers, and in no time we were talking with them. Intermingled with othrs as a Japanese tourist was staying as well and a lively discussion followed. It turns out that one of the walkers was studying Japanese, so the disussion fun was to see. Finally left our B&B around 9.15. At the station we quickly found our platform and when our train arrived we got in, with another 20 minutes until it left. Turns out that it was just as well that we were early.

The train was full, in fact it was too full. Every station after Carlise was met with people mouthing; “OMG” and “No Way”. As it turns out a lot of were people traveling to Newcastle  for the football match Newcastle-Arsenal. Some of those attending were drinking on board, and one of the young men was utterly drunk already. Remember this is well before noon. I was concerned that this guy was going to throw up for most of the trip. Thankfully he managed to keep it all in, as he swaggered out of the train in Newcastle.

We are staying in the Holiday Inn Express  again. It is turning out to be one of my favourite chains for a city trip. Though we were early our room was ready. As expected not huge, but it has everything. For now a few nights of not having to, pack everything in the morning feels like heaven.  We had sushi for lunch (with mayonnaise???? what is up with that?)

The afternoon was spent at Wallsend again. Yes we went back to our starting point. There we got our much earned certificate, and a t- shirt with I walked the Hadrian Wall. We deserve it! We then decided to have a cup of coffee there in the little viewing area. As we sat down another couple entered. I recognized them; we’d met them before! That meeting was in Brampton, about 100 km east ! They had had dinner with the couple that we had the dinner with on our last evening in Bowness! This couple had walked west to east so we’d only seen them twice, one was the mentioned pub meal, the other was the next morning as we saw the when they’d left Walton and walked towards us on the path. What a coincidence was this, as they literally had finished the path about 10 minutes earlier. We had a nice chat and that was really the last we saw of path walkers we’d seen.

Newcastle is known for its stag parties. We had been warned of this fact by people in the know. As it was Saturday evening we did expect to see some, but within an hour of our arrival we’d identified at least 4 parties. One party dressed more silly than the next. The thought of mixing with them and united supporters was not appealing to say the least. So we decided to avoid the inner city in the evening. So after a recommendation from hotel staff we went to a Indian restaurant, Sachins, away from the centre, but with an excellent reputation. SO, not a huge fan of Indian, declared it the best he’d ever tasted. A new holiday chapter has begun.


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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