Game on

We had been so lucky with the weather the rain today did almost come as a surprise. Not that it should as the south of the UK and at home there had been massive downpours, still it caused a bank holiday Monday to go a bit bleak.

We had decided to go to the life science centre. When reading up on it it was mainly aimed at children, but really of all ages. They had a special exhibition on, called game on. What it was was a throwback to our youth, the advent to that thing we now so well now: computer gaming. They had them all, Pong, space invader, the first Mario, the spectrum Zx, the Commodore 64 and they all worked! All of a sudden our little inner child came out, this was so new and exciting when we were kids. These are the games that shaped little nerdy us.  There was a short line in front of the game that started it all for me; Pong. SO and I were still pretty good at playing that game. We blasted the aliens out of space in space invader as if no 40 years had passed and expected Sheldon Cooper to walk in at any time.

Before we knew it we’d been playing for about two hours. It was getting later and this was clear with the number of small children coming in. Most of them still loving all the older games, though with the rally old stuff it was mainly adults playing them. The children were more enthusiastic about the slightly newer ones. I could not blame them, as really they do not have the same fuzzy feelings when seeing Pong, the game that started so much.

The rest of the exhibition at life is great if you are a child, or have children, but for us it was funny to see, but a bit too simple. So we left quite early again.

What followed is what we call a lounging day. We had a lovely lunch on the quay and read some, then we went to the BrewDog and sat there as middle aged adults in a punk themed cafe that happens to have one of SOs favorite beers. It was actually very very nice there. Again, lots of reading and tea for me. Dinner was at a local authentic Chinese restaurant where we ate beautiful food with chop sticks. Now just flaking out in our hotel. Tomorrow is planned already and looking forward to it.

12 tea and beer


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