Home again

Yesterday we flew home, uneventful and that was good.The only thing we did was get salad, as that was what I really craved after two weeks of anything but salad really.

Today it is laundry day, pictures day and getting the blog back up to speed. I’d noticed that on the iPad it is easy enough to write a rough outline, but the spelling check does not work. Plus every time I wanted to add pictures the app crashed, even after the update that promised to avoid that in the future. So I changed my strategy. I still wrote my outline daily and saved them as a draft. Today I worked on them and published those the drafts and updated the initial few posts, to add some pretty pictures.

To recap; We walked the Hadrian Wall path, Basically this is walking the breath of Northumberland and Cumbria. It has great scenery and the Northumberland National Park has some scary hills. Both SO and I agreed that this walk was at the top of our ability, but also that it was an amazing holiday. We then had some days in Newcastle and its surrounding area, with a focus on a bit of art and other fun things. It has been a very good holiday

It did  what a holiday is supposed to do, de-stress to the max. In our case, given our recent stress issues we so needed to literally pull the stress out and be away for a while.

Some observations:

  • This walk is much much busier than the Great Glen Walk. We met a lot of people that were walking more or less in sync with us. It gave this holiday a much more social component. This was fun.
  • It seems that walking is a couples thing. Really nearly everybody we met was walking as a couple. Very few groups.
  • Being Dutch puts us at a disadvantage. The hills we found were really steep, but I guess we can be trained on them. Except of course we do not have hills like that
  • A flying start for a holiday, as we had, has its drawbacks. We had not prepared as per usual. We were sent an excellent guidebook, but it was not until half way that we realised it was really handy during the walk due to its detailed maps (45 in all).
  • All quoted distances in the brochures are wrong. It is as simple as that. In part this is because the distance from the path to the B&B is not taken into account. It can actually add significantly to a day’s walk (on ne case about 5 miles – 8km)
  • Walking east to west on sunny days will result in unbalanced tanning. Our left hand side (southside) was more tanned than our right hand side. It is still noticable.
  • Even when the weather prediction is horrible, pack sunscreen! SO and I slapped on 50+ and 30+ during our holidays. Call it my kiwi-ness that makes me do this, but we had no sunburn.
  • The food, with one notable exception (Once Brewed) we were most impressed with what we were offered in the restaurants and even pubs. We tasted some exceptionally good food and even the other stuff was decent
  • That said, when it comes to a quick lunch there is not much that can be had, A mini supermarket is often the best bet for that. Salads are something that is virtually unheard of in pubs and other lunch options.
  • Nearly all places we went to for either food or stay had free wifi (yay), Only two pubs did not have wifi More often than not f the wifi was completely open.  Now while it is completely unsecured it is a grand way around needing roaming. I like it.

All in all it was a good holiday. I enjoyed it.

Below an overview of all holiday entries


To Newcastle

Newcastle- Heddon-on-the- Wall

Heddon on the Wall – Chollerford

Chollerford – Once Brewed

Once Brewed – Gilsland

Gilsland – Brampton

Brampton – Carlisle

Carlisle – Bowness-on-SolwayCarlisle

Back to Newcastle

Newcaslte – Baltic

Sunderland and National Glass centre

Newcastle – life science centre

Newcastle – the Biscuit Factory





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