When I lived in NZ one of my most loved types of excercise was aquarobics, but coming back here meant giving it up as times did not suit me.In part I had this wonderful thing called Health and Sports in NZ. My gym had it’s own pool. In fact I joined because of the pool. Never set foot in the gym other than to walk to the pool and later to the aerobics studio for yoga and Pilates classes.

Anyway I don’t have that luxury here. Here we have a pool nearby but up until recently the times and my life were in continuous clash. The pools are used extensively by classes for children and for clubs, so are not open at the times I want to go for a swim. When it comes to Aquarobics. Well that clashed with other parts of my evening program that I had established. So, while I missed it, it was just not an option for a fair few years.

Recently due to a shift in working hours, work flexibility and office time a window came up and I can not join a class about every two weeks. Not as much as I’d like, but still major improvement and I decided to give it a go. Turns out that this class has a high average age. In fact I with my then 46 lowered it significantly 🙂

I joined the aqua-class in an established group with establish rules. For instance halfway through the class there was a coffee break and yapping yapping yapping and then the 15 minute cooldown. Making the 1 hours class last 30 minutes longer. Well I did that one once, the next time I swam lanes in the break and the third time I just gave up after class and skipped the cooldown. I sort of accepted it, but adjusted it to suit my needs.  As it turns out more and more people were ut off by the order of things as they felt the break was too long, and quite frankly they wanted to go home after class and felt that the coffee should be optional not compulsory as it felt that it was now. Just before I went on my summer out (as I had to walk more for our holiday) it was announced that we’d have the cooldown before the coffee in future. I was elated and hoped it would continue after my holiday.

Well today it was my first aquarobics day after our holidays. It took me a little effort to go as the weather has been quite wet and very bleak. Still I went and with me many others. The group was larger than what I had seen before and the teachers was a sub as our normal one was off sick. And oh man was this new one something different. Faster and harder work and for me doubly so.

See the normal routine (which is very much a routine there) is kinda geared toward the grey brigade, which considering that they are very much the majority, is understandable. But for me, well not much of a challenge. So after two times I felt my body and muscles had been eased in and I started doing the routine in the deep end, which is much harder as besides moving you have to keep yourself afloat too.

End result for me this time was that I really felt I had had a workout I loved it. While many sort of half complained that it had been too hard, the few younger ones there were very happy with it. It was also noted that I worked out in the deep end. Many comments ranging from wow, to are your sure and courageous came my way. But something else happened. One of the other younger ladies came over and was asking some questions etc. In the end she said she’d been thinking about going deep to make it more intense but had not had the guts yet. I get the feel ing she may come to the deep end with me next time. And who knows what will happen then?

All in all I am so glad that I have managed to get one of my favourite workouts back into my schedule. It is just making me realise how much I missed it.



About Gilraen

My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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One Response to Aquarobics

  1. Miekje says:

    I also love aquarobics, and attended a daytime group filled with super-fit, super-fun elderly ladies when I was unemployed. It was great because I had a lower back injury which made other types of exercise difficult. Unfortunately I can no longer attend now that I am working full-time again :-(. All I can fit in is the occasional lane swimming session in the weekend, if the housekeeping chores and social schedule permit. As a dutchie I do love water sports!

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