Weird shopping

It was earlier in the week that I received a message from my friend N. She was more or less giggling in a way she only can. She wanted to now if I had time the coming weekend (sat or sun). Well yes I can make Sunday. Why? Was my question.

Her daughter had won two tickets to the sample sales in Amsterdam. Usually one has to pay a fee to be able to get the cheap samples, and neither of us would ever do this, but free tickets? Her daughter had said, ; Not, for me. So that is where I came in. After concluding that this was so not us we decided this was sufficient reason to go.

So n Sunday we met at the station and walked to the sample sale. Thankfully my friend had come prepared. She showed me the tickets and told me she had cash (I did not) as she heard most was cash only. She was right, but ti conveniently stopped me from impuse buying :-). So as we arrived she pulled out the one ticket! What happened to the second one? Good grief that bag of hers, it like something from Harry Potter, but the second ticket could not be found. Thankfully she had send me a picture of the two tickets and we showed it to the people at the entrance and they thought it was too funny and let us through. Phew! Nearly our day was over before it had started.

Soon we started shopping. My friend knows that I am brutally honest and though she bought a fair few things they were all good. For her it was a chance to update her wardrobe. For me it was primarily fun. I did not need anything as I have been sewing a lot.

I nearly fell for a red leather jacket, but decided that I have enough in the realm of coats and jackets so that there was no need for it. I also came close to a little grey dress. I tried it on and I was so surprised that it not only fit but looked good. However it felt a little tight in the shoulders and it also showed creases in rather unflattering places on my chest. I knew I could make it better but the price was sufficiently high that I felt that it would be cheaper to start from new. So in the end I did not buy it.

While we were shopping we chatted, gossiped and laughed. We also commented big time on the shop assistants. We did notice that helping customers was not their biggest thing. Usually they sell in bulk to buyers and they are not used to individual customers. Some were pushy, some stupid and some had no sense of colour and size what so ever. It was quite a few times that we escaped from a store exclaiming that the assistant was great at not selling stuff. The worst one for me was when I tried on a dress in size S and in M. I fitted the S quite well, but the one I tried was not the colourscheme I preferred so I asked if the one on the mannequin, in my preferred colour,  was an S and if so could I try it. The assistant told me point blank yes it is, but it won’t fit you as you have hips that are too wide. Excuse me? It got me into my nasty streak and decided there and then I would not buy it but was not going to leave until that dress was off the mannequin. I told her I had tried the S in the other colour and that it was a perfect fit; so please could I try it on? So with a fair bit of sighing and huffing/puffing she got it. Of course it fitted well and it looked great. I paraded it around the store a bit and then got changed and said Thank you but really I don’t think so. I know it was not nice of me, but after that comment I really did not care.

At the end of the day (we almost got thrown out) my friend had a lot of stuff and I had one sweater. The last shop gave my friend a further discount as she was 10 euro’s short on  a small stash. Mind you that shop was so cool. It was a shame that it was the last one we found. We decided there and then it would be our first stop if we ever went again.

I took the train home and heard from her how her husband nd children had loved the new clothes. And we both agreed that far from being so not us, it was actually quite a nice way to spend a day together for the future. SO maybe we’ll go again. Who knows.




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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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