One of the things that sometimes happens in the life of the organised is that you plan to have a very joyous outing when things in the world around you have just turned to custard. Well then too this can be something much needed to break the cycle.

Months ago we saw that the UK cast of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert was going to perform in Amsterdam. SO and I signed up immediately. Priscilla that iconic Aussie movie with great music and over the  top costumes.. So yes it is was in Amsterdam, not out favourite city but what the heck. Oh and let’s get the best seats in the house still available and with after party. Oh yes and parking tickets. Nah no food. We’d not had the best results with that in the far past.

First thing we noticed after we booked the tickets; SO also was due to run the sevenhillsrun the day after. Hmm this is not the best preparation for that. Still we are going to this.

As said reservations were made months ago. Then custard is coming to town. In the correct order from the weekend before; My molar broke after my filling came out, which of course was after a weekend in some discomfort as it was dislodging itself. Next thing we know is that one of our best friends looses her sister. BF-S was a neighbour of ours, but really the intense grief of our friends knocked us out. So much that we wanted to do for the. So much we wanted to take away that pain and so utterly very little we could do. And last but not least; Paris. The shocking events so close to home, so close to friends so utterly incomprehensible and given the state we were already in; we felt numb.

Saturday came. the tickets were printed and we left the house feeling not in the mood for a musical. In the end we had a conversation in the car. And looking back SO and I know that if one of us would have said let’s turn around we would have. However as it was we just stated our concerns and drove on. Now we are so glad we did.

We arrived in Amsterdam in our alloted parking space without too many hassles and we had to admit, though the tickets were not cheap the parking area is great. It is relatively small and there is a parking attendant. We walked to the theatre and found the cellar, where we just managed to squeeze in for dinner. Tablespaces were tight and we were seated at a long table with others. Which ended up being nice enough with some South Africans to talk to – of course the conversation did involve Rugby 🙂

Once in the theatre we got our goodie bag (musical booklet and CD) and gave one of our booklets to somebody that was seated in the foyer with us. I mean we really only need one and she collected them. As we sat in the restaurant and in the foyer  our moods changed. We were swept up in the atmosphere of fun excitement and utterly joie de vivre that is so much part of Priscilla. Oh yes it does help that some of the most colourful people from the countries LGBT community were in attendance. They sparkled and shone and that rubs off. So by the time we got to our seats our moods had been lifted significantly and we were in full anticipation of what was to come.

The musical is set to new music, but still set to bright wonderful tunes. The costumes, were over the top and cheerful. The aussie accents were a warm bath. The singing a warm bath of quality. The jokes and funnies a welcome reprieve from our lives. The whole experience was utterly sparkling, magical and stunning.  Both SO and I were giggling through most of it. It was the antidote we needed. It was the magic that made us feel the goodness of life again. All in all we thought this musical is a must see, and utterly utterly brilliant.

As SO did want to go for his race the next day we did decide not to attend the afterparty, a small sacrifice. It was close to midnight before we got home, but we felt so very much better having seen this musical.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (musical)

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (musical) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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