Fashion exhibition was only the start

My friend M gave me a card for my birthday a few months back. An invitation to go and shee a textile/sewing/fashion exhibition of choice.We’d been taking about it for ages but we never seriously searched for a time we both were available or an exhibition we both wanted to see. A few weeks back we decided just to pin a date and search for an exhibition to match. The date was yesterday, the exhibition was “an ode to Dutch fashion design” at the gemeentemuseum in Den Haag. We’ve been there before in 2012 and 2014 for instance (well those got blogged about) and often fashion has been a reason to go.

We decided to cycle to the museum. Well M convinced me we should as it was the choice we’d been discussing going by bike on what’s app. We sort of knew the way and with the current options on the mobiles we went on our way. So of course we got lost sort of. Let’s just say we did need the help of our mobiles to find the way a few times. But after an hour or so (should have taken about 45 minutes) we arrived that the museum and parked our bikes. Dropped the coats and bags at the cloakroom and went to the exhibition.

The exhibition is a celebration of what Dutch fashion design is. Fashion within Dutch design is is quite a recent development but it is fast moving. Of the older generation there was Frans Molenaar, Edgar Vos and Fong Leng as the dominant factors. Later are my favourites Viktor and Rolf where art and fashion meet. The of course THAT dress by Jan Taminiau. He made it for our queen for her coronation. To say it was magnificent is an understatement. My goodness that is over the top cool!

Other than that there was Iris van Herpen. She uses 3D printing in her designs and she is so ahead of her time Again fashion meets art, but also technology in a way that is just so clever and makes me happy seeing all these lovely things in one piece. Some impressions from the exhibition.

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Of course the museum had more on offer. Het gemeentemuseum is in many ways similar to the V&A The V&A is very British and oozes Victorian Empire from the building whilst displaying modern mixed with museum. Het gemeentemuseum oozes Berlage en de stijl and art deco heritage but also mixes that modern with their museum heritage. Both musea have a great fashion/textile tradition and seem so complimentary and yet stepped within their own tradition. I just love it!

Another exhibition highlight was by Christie van der Haak. Up until I saw her work I’d never heard of her. But once we walked in, Honestly I am sold! I want some of her stuff on fabric and make clothes out of it. The exhibition was totally in your face but once you are enveloped within those designs the brightness bring out the inner sunshine and you end up smiling every possible way. Enough talk. Here is an impression.

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Another exhibition was on Dutch Dining. A lot of wonderfully laid out historical and modern tables. It was a ver nice way of wandering through history, but one of the highlights were the folded animals Made by Joan Sallas. My friend and I spend a fair bit of time looking at those pieces

So on we went – colour in paintings, war and piece and modern art. Of course a lot of Mondriaan (he was part of the stijl and the museum has a lot of his earlier work) and more lovely stuff. Some of our favourites

Towards 16.30 we headed home Heads full of pretty things and deliriously happy. Cycling against the wind and this time not getting lost we arrived in the city about 55 minutes later and found ourselves a nice restaurant to talk things even more through and have a nice meal. I was home later in the evening and SO said I looked about 20 and so happy that it make hims happy to see me this way.

This day has further taught me that I really love het gemeentemuseum. But also that I can cycle there if I want. This opens up new a opportunity


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