Winter dreams

We all know those wonderful movies with cabinlog huts high up in the mountains. on the edge of an idyllic lake. People going there and having fun, as well as having long nights in front of an open fire. Total bliss away from everything. This dream is so un-dutch that we could never ever have that.

I mean we do not have mountains. A cabin away from everyone and everything. Come on this is one of the most population dense countries in the world. Then there is the aspect of snow. Christmas 2015 was celebrated at 15 degC. So whenever I swoon in front of those movies I know that it is not for me ever.

In Dutch however we have this alternative. A hut on the heather moors (hutje op de hei) Ok so there are not many huts on the moors exactly as they are protected natural reserves, but we have the moors.They are. in a part of the country that is as remote as you can get it. At least 15 km from the nearest big city. That is where we start to consider things to be remote

Near to those moors are holiday home resorts. Hut may not be quite the apt description for the mock farm luxury holiday lets but still close enough. I mean you can get a 2-person one with a Finish Sauna, a tanning bed and a Jacuzzi. Of course the kitchen is then fully equiped with a dishwasher, oven, microwave oven, full hob and water cooker. For those in need there is a Nespresso machine. And what be would such a basic hut be without two flatscreen TVs, central heating and a gas fireplace? Well nothing. The resort park comes with its own mock lake even! It is called “hof van Saksen” and caters to families and is great for children.

SO and I had decided to go to the above described hut on the moors. We needed some TLC and most of all rest. We intended to go for loooong walks on the moors and that sort of stuff. It is in a good place to go and see a lot of natural and historical things that are too far out for a daytrip for us (in is over 2,5 hours to get there) and there are some wonderful restaurants in the area and with our wedding anniversary coming up it seemed like a perfect match except for the catering to family with children part. However as it was a school week we went there for a midweek (monday-friday).

As said the weeks before had been balmy warm here and the weather forecast did say it was going to get a bit colder, more winter-like in the week we were up north. The weekend before we went to see my parents. That way we were halfway to our holiday destination and we’d have the opportunity to wish them happy new year. On the Monday we went up north. We did not go too early as the roads had been slippery due to frost. It was easy peasy to get there and quickly we moved into our hut. We had dinner in one of the restaurants there and snuggled up for a good nights sleep. By this stage we were well aware that slippery was not going to cut it the next day.

See then next day we were not snowed in. We got iced in. Black iced in to be precise. The whole area got a code red weather alarm meaning do not leave the house unless you have to. Children were given time off school, people could not get to work. Children were skating in the streets on the black ice and it was cold. What did we do? Well nothing. absolutely nothing. We decided that as we were forced to stay inside to cuddle up drink chocolate milk and hibernate. Outside our hut was eerily beautiful, peaceful and despite being positioned in a resort, and message by phone from worried friends and family, we felt for most of the day cut off from the world. In the evening we slithered to the restaurant and slithered back. Really with the gas fire on this was as close as you can get within the Netherlands to the movie scene as described above. We loved it.

On day two we sort of repeated this new real life hibernation but we also tried our Finnish Sauna. This time I managed to get to the little on site supermarket and get some food that we cooked at our little winter home. Day three was slightly less black ice, but still in our region, we were in a no travel zone. By that stage our love affair with hibernation was wearing thin and we grew a little restless. SO came up with the wonderful idea of sliding down the road to the resorts swimming pool. This turned out to be a wonderful idea.

We spent hours in the pool despite the lots of little kids. They kept mostly to the kids pools leaving the 25m pool for the most part to adults. Chances ar they felt it was too cold. Both SO and I did 40 lanes. Not bad!. In between we found the wild water slide. It goes outside along the building. Remember it is still freezing, but we also knew we could not face the nieces not having done that slide. Up we went, and we swam into the outside pool Steam was riding from the surface, it was that cold. We looked at each other and there we went. off the slide. Weeeeha!!!!!!!!. Man what fun! So we are no 8-year old, but we know how to have fun and how to behave on these things. Dinner was made after a trip to the supermarket again

On our last day the black ice and the freezing weather had withdrawn instead of a white world we woke up to a green one. This was great as we had a trip further up north to a B&B associated with our wedding anniversary restaurant. We again spend a fair bit of time in the pool, again swam 40 lanes and went off the slide again. After a hearty lunch we drove up north. Our midweek of hibernation was over. We loved it, but we were also glad we could move again!


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My blog is simply about my life. I moved countries for the first time in 1993. I lived in the Netherlands, UK and NZ. The initial idea was to keep my overseas friends up-to-date with what was going on in my life. The blog, like me, is always changing and evolving.
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