Art as a hobby. Well yes. I have always been interested in pretty things. Pretty of course is different to all. I like art where skill is an essential part; for example glass art, or bronze.

SO and I tend to go to realisme in Amsterdam and have recently discovered Art Amsterdam.  We have started collecting art. Little by little. A new piece every few years. And we took a course on collecting art even if it is not always ending up in our house; Some examples

We have discovered that our tastes are not the same but complementary My taste tends to be clean but more frilly,  flowery and more embellished than SO. SO on the other hand loves to go more minimalist and with clean lines, almost spartan as compared to me. But when we really really love a piece, it usually something the other loves as well. Because of this we can buy what we both like.

It is fun to go and see art, meet people and discover something new every day. Here are some great links





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