Sewing: I learned to sew in the early 2000’s, waaay too late IMO. See I’d always been interested in sewing and my mother is really good at it. My mother, however, did not like sewing. She did do it, but because she had to. So in the end it took a few years to get around to learning it. My friend E. was in the same boat as I was and together we went on the sewing mission, we are both still on.

E. found our first class. A stretch sewing class, where we learned nothing about patterns and really other than having a lot of fun with others we learned a bit to play around with fabric. Which in itself was a great start.

Our second class was at the local sewing shop. This was around the time that we were also sewing our costumes for the Return of the King Premiere in Wellington. Our teacher clearly did not understand us and to be frank we were not amongst her favourites. I guess we were too much interested in what we wanted instead of what she wanted or felt we should want. I did learn a lot in that time. But if I am honest I learned most from working together with E and together figuring things out. Thankfully the internet was there to give us more knowledge etc.

It was in those days that I bought my overlock (serger) and my first basic machine. Looking back I tried a lot of things I learned a lot and certainly became more comfortable with my machines. When E. left (moved to a new town) there was a clear dip in my sewing. I missed a sewing buddy. My then partner was not a great help, in fact worked more like a brake than as a positive re-enforcement. All sewing I  did was together with my new sewing buddy T. However T left after a year to return to her homeland and I followed not long after to mine leaving the brake on my sewing behind.

My sewing was given a new spurt when I moved to the Netherlands. I joined a pattern making class and a sewing class. I ventured into new territories and learned and unlearned a lot of things. My new teacher is young and loves trying out stuff, combining this with real knowledge. I also found a new sewing buddy M. M. thinks I am very advanced, accuses me on occasion that I sound like the teacher, when she asks me questions :-). Only jokingly, because I say the same things regarding what is required that have become second nature 🙂

I bought myself a new machine and it works like a charm and has helped me a lot again. I love that machine! I did consider it essential  to get a better machine as I had outgrown my basic one and did want to get ahead in my skills.

Anyway do I consider myself advanced? No. I am certainly no beginner, but there are a lot of couture techniques that I don’t know and wish to learn. There is a lot that I can’t do (yet). I consider myself to be intermediate going toward advanced.

An interest related to this that is developign is to see exhibitions of great fashion designers. Please do note I am not intrested in the fashion but in the tailoring, the skill of how to make the stuff

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