Who is who on my blog

SO – My beloved Significant Other. He’s my rock and puts up with all my idiosyncrasies with a great sense of humour. Plus I think he is cute as a button.

My family –

  • Parents (dad, mum) and brother. Brother has two boys, the nephews aka Hughie and Louie
  • FIL/MIL – SO’s parents.. It is short for Father-in-law and Mother-in-law
  • SIL/BIL – Brother in law is SO’s brother, SIL is either BIL wife or my brother’s gf/ex-wife.
  • BIL and SIL have two daughters, the nieces. Will be getting their nicknames soon
  • SILB – SILM- BIL’s wife’s brother and mother people we see on a regular basis due to BIL and SIL being very family oriented.

Friends in alphabetical order:

  • A. my sewing teacher and slowly becoming a friend. Tough when it comes to teaching me to be neater and according to SO it is working) and a great laugh.
  • B&J. He has been my best male friend for years. He is like my little brother. He is married to J. They come over for regular dinners. I always like to see what he has in common with my SO, just as I have similarities with J. They are a lovely couple. I was his witness at their wedding.
  • C&M – NZ friends. C was my boss in NZ twice. Yep the sort of boss you want to work with again and I learned a lot from him. His GF (M) and I met when I worked at the first place and just clicked very quickly. We have been accused to be the terrible twins as we ended up wearing the same combination jacket and pants a fair few times (no consulting). Working with M was so much fun as we work in similar ways. On a regular basis we would go for morning meetings. just to catch up on all the goss. She too comments occasionally.
  • E or Em. Also my witness at my wedding. American in NZ which makes for an interesting mix of world view. Fellow Tolkien fan, though her fandom is much deeper and clear to see. The friend in NZ closest when my previous relationship was turning into a train wreck.
  • G and D. G is SO’s best friend from uni. He was there whenever SO needed support. G is also SO’s skating buddy, the hobby they took up together. D has been with G for about 20 years and too is a great friend of his. She’s highly protective of SO and I still think it was harder to meet her than his parents. As we started out in a weird way I felt when I met them that I had to convince her that my intentions with him were honorable. She and I have bonded over the years and we cycle when the men skate (skietsen). They are highly musical people and we will and see their performances when we can.
  • J&P also friends of SO from way back when. We see less of them as there two kids but when we see them it is always filled with laughter
  • L. Scottish friend from New Zealand. Our friendship started of on a professional level and deepened as we have similar ideas on what our profession needs. She is the scientist. I am the implementer. She currently lives in the UK. Has a wonderful ironic sense of humour, even about something as serious as her subject.
  • M. My sewing buddy here and a good friend now. Studied at the same uni, which in a different town leads to a connection, currently single.
  • Miekje. My friend from the first day of the introduction weeks at Uni. Both of us travelled the world and have had our fair share of turmoil in our lives. One of the people I can always turn to She lives in the UK with her husband. Too far away, but never far. She regularly comments on the blog.
  • N. Friend since uni, She is married with her uni sweetheart (NH)  and has two children one boy and one girl. Always a good laugh and one of my most favoured shopping buddies.
  • P. Friend from New Zealand. Single mum for most of her life. She is fiercely intelligent and still studying as well as working. We met at work and once we both left that place we staying in contact and grew closer ever. I stayed with her just before I moved to Europe. Mother to a graceful 21-one year old (PT) that I saw growing up from a little critter.
  • T. My Danish Friend. We met in New Zealand and apart from a mutual hobby in sewing we have a similar sense of humour. She, her husband and little boy are also known as the Vikings. Do not see enough of them.
  • W. She’s SILB girlfriend and we’ve become quite close over organising SIL’s hen party

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