For me yoga is always power Ashtanga yoga. I started yoga by accident in 2003. At the gym I was attending there was a Pilates class I wanted to join. However I was an hour too early and I ended up in the yoga class. From that moment on I was hooked.

At health and sports I had a great teacher Carla. She has a way with people and yoga that was appealing. Her views on yoga met mine. When she left Melanie took over. She had a great focus on what yoga did to the body and explained that really well using books and explaining what to look for in your poses. We were a  funny bunch. Only a few of us were there all the time. And we had so much fun. My yoga buddy and I would giggle a bit much. but as it has to be fun as well this was accepted.

When I returned to the Netherlands I searched for a yoga centre immediately. My first yogaclass was not a good match at all. No click with the teacher, nor with the way it was taught. However my second school was bulls eye hit. At present I am with the third teacher there and I still love it. In fact I love it so much that I have made it into an almost daily routine and my body feels better because of it.


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