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Just too late for winter

My knitting has had an hap hazard start since I took it up again. I had to learn that I have a loose knit and that it is paramount to check the gauge. Not doing that has resulted in something … Continue reading

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Groningen – a weekend to remember

After our winter dreams adventure we still had a weekend away to go. After all we were up north to celebrate our 7th anniversary.

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Soldier of Orange

Just two weeks after our visit to Priscilla another musical appeared in our agenda. This one was a special as organised by work. It was not a musical that I desperately wanted to see, though reviews are good. however it … Continue reading

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One of the things that sometimes happens in the life of the organised is that you plan to have a very joyous outing when things in the world around you have just turned to custard. Well then too this can … Continue reading

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Home again

Yesterday we flew home, uneventful and that was good.

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Artful biscuitsĀ 

Our last day here we were back on the arty trail. This time not the large scale contemporary art of the Baltic, but a little more accessible, but will interesting.

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Game on

We had been so lucky with the weather the rain today did almost come as a surprise. Not that it should as the south of the UK and at home there had been massive downpours, still it caused a bank … Continue reading

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Some days start and you know the weather is fine to go to the coast. That is what happende today. Not that we had planned on going to the coast but as it happened that is where the next attraction … Continue reading

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Dressing for Easter

When it comes to holidays it is always nice to wear something new. After my exams this week I decided that on Friday I wanted to pour out all the stress through sewing, as it is the best stress reliever.

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More sewing to show off

A long time ago I made a dirndle top using some very nice and expensive boiled wool which I fell totally in love with. There is a relatively large piece left over, but not enough to make something else with, … Continue reading

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