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At home we have an underground garage. It is a large communal garage and we have our own little assigned bay. Advertisements

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Compulsory during any holiday

There are not many things during a holiday which are musts. Surely the idea is that you relax and take things the way they come. But a geocache is one of those things we always do.

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Petrol Pirates of sorts

This holiday was one where we took the car. As we have a cottage this meant that we loaded up the car with everything we needed and then some more. For instance we took too many clothes, electronics and our … Continue reading

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We’re off

Finally we are on a holiday. Something we are not really used to, but we were very excited as we left the house. First a taxi to the station two trains to the airport and then we were really off.

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Take the long way home

Preparation this holiday is not been a strong point. Usually little organised me likes to have everything well….. organised. So we have chores to do before we leave on Tuesday. Plus we are in the middle of birthday mahem (4 … Continue reading

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Cycling brainwaves

Sometimes things have a habit of resolving themselves in unexpected ways.

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Flying trucks

We went to the hairdressers today, which is south of Rotterdam. On our way we were  behind some trucks. All of a sudden the roof/covering over the truck container came loose.

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Travel as a tourist.

From north to south but not just travel this time. We combined it with some touristy stuff. The distance from Westport to Franz Josef is not that great so there was plenty of time for fun stuff.¬† The road trip … Continue reading

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Road to nowhere

After the traffic light in the middle of nowhere we went on the road to nowhere today. Or rather to the end of the road on the island. Life at the top of the South island has a different beat. … Continue reading

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Michelle, our car mechanic

We’d decided to drive to Napier on Tuesday. But first we had to have our tyres checked after the pothole incident. We did this before heading over the highroad-over-the-mountains-where-nobody-lives. Really not the best place to be stranded with tyre issues.

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