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Good move

SO and I decided that we were going skietsen today. Our friends are not in town this weekend so it was just him and me. But as the temperature was expected to hit the tropical scorching level again I’d convinced … Continue reading

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The 50 Things to Do Before you’re 11 ¾

Ever since I found out about this great initiative from the British national trust I wanted to have a look how I scored. I scored well with 42! Some partially (6) because of country or age things Some because my … Continue reading

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For the love of cooking

Just pondering some thoughts at present, so this post will follow my thoughts and may end up being a bit odd :-).

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and back again

It was 6.15 and we were woken up. The engines were started and with that noise one does not need an alarm. 6.15 is damn early during a holiday. But we got up and had a shower as was expected … Continue reading

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Fiordland; the land of dreams, legend and stunning unearthly beauty. Fiordland; a national park the size of Wales with a total population of about 200. A few thousand tourists visit it annually.

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Sunday in the sun

So has found himself a new favourite beer; Emerson‘s pilsner. The first time he drank it was in Wellington. Now he’s managed to find it bottled he is one happy camper.

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Yesterday my BIL had his birthday party. Nothing out of the ordinary Just a gathering of some friends and family. However things were a little different than usual for me. First there was the weird weekend I was having. My … Continue reading

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This is essential information; without this the tourguide does not work

Or standard day on a trip is supposedly like this. We get up between 7 and 8 and have shower get dressed etc (am) We meet and have breakfast at 8.30am We get our stuff and check out at around … Continue reading

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Roses are red and so is toilet paper

This weekend SO and I took a nice trip to celebrate 1 year together. It was a Christmas present from me to SO and he did not know where we would go. I had decided on a romantic luxury weekend … Continue reading

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Autumn colours

We’ve been having exptemrely nice and cosy weekends lately. This despite us both having to fight off colds again. The colds are just hat colds. Very irritating but harmless other than the constant sniffling that goes on. So this weekend … Continue reading

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